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Breaking News – Free Laptops For Students of Dini Madaris 2021

Latest Breaking News – 3000 Free Laptops Will Be Distributed Among The  Students of Dini Madaris Under CM Punjab Free Laptop Scheme
Punjab government has decided to distribute free laptops among students of Dini Madaris in the year 2021 too. More than 3000 laptops will be distributed among students of Dini Madaris on merit basis. Both male and females students will be eligible for this scheme. Earlier secretary higher education send a summary to Chief Minister Punjab containing the recommendation about free laptops distribution among the students of Dini Madaris. It was also recommended in the summary that free laptops should be distributed IN Madrassas through provincial department of Okaf and Religious Affairs.


Chief Minister has approved the summary and directed the Okaf and Religious Affairs department to make a list of talented students of Madrassas. Free laptops will be distributed in the Madrassas of all Islamic school of thoughts like Barelvi, Deobandi, Ahl al-Hadith and Ahl-e-Tashi Madrassas. Now Okaf and Religious Affairs department will make a formula for this purpose. It is a hard task as earlier Punjab government provided 6000 solar lamps for distribution in students of Dini Madrassas, out which 3000 solar lamps were returned back to government as no formula could be made for for their distribution. Its an unfortunate reality but we hope that this time department will be successful in making a formula.


As soon as Okaf and Religious Affairs will announce the formula we shall let you know through this page. We recommend that Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif should also reserve a quota in his free laptops scheme for Dini Madrassas. Teachers of these Dini Madrassas should also included in this scheme so that they may be able to remain in touch with modern world. You can read the details in Urdu in the newspaper ad cutting below this post. Stay in touch with us for latest breaking news alerts.

Breaking News – Free Laptops For Students of Dini Madaris 2021

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