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Free Legal Aid at District Level in Pakistan by DLEC & LJCP, No Lawyer Fee, No Court Fee

Free Legal Advice & Free Lawyer For Deserving People By Government of Pakistan

Are you looking for free legal aid at the district level in Pakistan? If yes, then we have a very very good news for you. The Chief Justice of Pakistan, in collaboration with the Law & Justice Commission of Pakistan or Ljcp, has taken a significant step towards ensuring access to justice for all. Free legal aid committees have been formed at the district level through out the Pakistan. These special committees will now provide completely legal assistance to individuals with limited financial resources.


Free Legal Aid at District Level in Pakistan by DLEC & LJCP, No Lawyer Fee, No Court Fee

Free Legal Aid at District Level in Pakistan by DLEC & LJCP, No Lawyer Fee, No Court Fee


For those persons who are unable to afford legal representation for their criminal, family and civil type court cases, the District Legal Empowerment Committee (DLEC) is there to help them out. Specifically, individuals (Both men & women) can now reach out to the office of the district & session judge in their respective districts to avail themselves of this free legal aid service. The DLEC, presided over by the district & session judge, comprises members such as the Deputy Commissioner (DC), Superintendent of the jail, President of the district bar, and representatives from civil society.



Benefits & Facilities Given by DLEC

Applicants who seek free legal aid will receive various benefits, ensuring a fair and impartial legal process. These benefits include:

1. Free Lawyer: The cost of hiring a lawyer will be covered by the committee, allowing individuals to receive professional legal representation without any financial burden.

2. Expenditures of Attested Copies: The expenses incurred in obtaining attested copies of relevant documents required for the case will also be covered.

3. Court Fee: The committee will bear the court fees, eliminating the financial obstacle of accessing justice through the courts.

4. Expenditures on Summons: Any costs associated with issuing and serving summons to parties involved in the case will be taken care of by the committee.

5. Any Other Approved Expenditures: In cases where additional expenses arise, the committee will review and approve them, ensuring that individuals receive comprehensive legal aid.


Aim of Free Legal Assistance by LJCP

The aim of these free legal aid committees is to bridge the justice gap and provide equal opportunities for all individuals, irrespective of their financial means. By removing the financial barriers associated with seeking legal representation, this initiative empowers those who would otherwise be unable to exercise their rights.


Important Note

It is important to note that the committees operate without any discrimination regarding the nature of the case. Whether it is a family, criminal, or civil matter, eligible individuals can avail themselves of this much-needed support.



The introduction of these free legal aid committees at the district level signifies a profound commitment to providing accessible and affordable justice to all sections of society. It is a commendable step towards a more equitable & inclusive legal system.



Step by Step Procedure For Free Legal Aid

To begin the process, you need to submit an application to the District and Session Judge of your concerned district. Kindly ensure that your application is neatly written on simple paper & it includes all the essential details about your particular case. Provide information such as the nature of the case, your name, father’s name, CNIC #, address & phone number. Convicted or imprisoned individuals can apply through their respective Superintendent of jail.



Once your application is received, the Committee will review each case on its merit. They will carefully scrutinize all the applications to identify deserving individuals who require free legal aid. It is important to note that females & senior citizens over 60 years will be given preference during the selection process for free legal aid in Pakistan.



For further information & details regarding free legal aid at district level in Pakistan, you can contact the session judge directly or visit the official website of the DLEC at The website will provide you with comprehensive information about the committee & its work in empowering individuals through legal aid.




If you find yourself in need of free legal aid but cannot afford representation in courts through lawyer then do not hesitate to contact the District Legal Empowerment Committee or DLEC through the office of the session judge in your area. Remember a fact that justice should be accessible to everyone, regardless of their financial circumstances.


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Q: What is free legal aid at district level?

A: Free legal aid at district level is a service provided by the Law and Justice Commission Pakistan through the District Legal Empowerment Committee (DLEC) to assist individuals with limited financial resources in need of legal representation.

Q: Who is the chairman of Law and Justice commission Pakistan?

A: Chief Justice Supreme court of Pakistan is the chairman of LJCP.

Q: Who can benefit from free legal aid at district level?

A: Any person with limited financial resources who cannot afford to hire a lawyer for their family, criminal, or civil cases can benefit from free legal aid at district level.

Q: How can I avail free legal aid at district level?

A: To avail free legal aid, you need to submit an application on blank paper to your concerned District and Session Judge.

Q: Who presides over the District Legal Empowerment Committee (DLEC)?

A: The District and Session Judge will preside over the DLEC.

Q: Who are the members of the District Legal Empowerment Committee?

A: Deputy Commissioner, Superintendent OF Jail, President of the District Bar Association & representatives from the civil society will be included in DLEC.

Q: What facilities are provided under free legal aid at district level?

A: Under free legal aid at district level, eligible applicants will receive the following facilities without any discrimination regarding their cases: lawyer's fee, expenditures of attested copies, court fee, expenditures on summons, and any other expenditures approved by the committee.

Q: How does the committee decide on providing free legal aid?

A: The committee reviews each case on merit and scrutiny. Deserving persons, with a preference given to females and senior citizens, will be provided free legal aid.

Q: Where can I get more information about free legal aid at district level?

A: For more details, you can contact the session judge or visit the website