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Free Online Courses By Google-Intro & Tips in Urdu & English

Google Free Online Courses (Introduction & Tips in Urdu and English)
Grow With Google is the project of Google and this is the great project which is going on these days. It has benefit a large number of people and especially, the social media people and app developers. Here we have put down and listed few of the free online courses which are offered by Grow With Google. These are wholly free of cost course lines and you can enroll in any one of them. Let us know how was your experience once you complete the duration of any of the below mentioned courses:

Course Linked to How to Get The Investment for Any Business
This is the basic level course and it will going to teach the business starter professionals and entrepreneurs that how can they seek and grab investment.

This course will help the entrepreneurs in devising the mission and vision for your statement. Then the phase of creating a pitch desk, it is also taught by this course. For the information, the pitch desk brings all of the customers onboard.

It is in the three weeks duration that you can complete this recommended course which is offered by Grow With Google.Zsz.

Course of App Marketing
The app marketing course, it is another heavy and beneficial course. If you want to know the basics of developing app, this hit on this course and join it.

Even if you are attached or linked to the online marketing platform, then be in this course and complete it in just 2 weeks.

Course of App Monetization
This course will give you the thorough information on the area and category of app development and also on the category of online content development.

It is in one month span that you can complete this course.

Course of Product Designing
Those individuals who have a creative mind and if you love to design and craft new products, then this is the course which can give you the right platform.

Enrolling in this course, that means you will make the mock-up of your designed and imaginary product ideas.
Through this course, you will have the know how that what kind of products stand and survive in the market.

Course of Networking
This course of networking by Grow with Google, it is a basic and simple course which is made for the beginners. If you have just stepped in the professional world and you want to do networking so that opportunities and better options comes to you, then learn the rules of networking through this course.

This course will as well teach you about the email writing and replying section. The facts on writing an email and then replying back to it, all basics will be taught to you.

Are you ready to enroll in any one of these free online courses which are part of Google as well as part of Grow With Google project! Let us know if you have received benefits from any of these courses, we are waiting for your feedback.

Free Online Courses By Google-Intro & Tips in Urdu & English



Free Online Courses By Google-Intro & Tips in Urdu & English