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Free Online Forex Trading Training For All – Tips & Tricks

Free Forex Trading Tutorial For All-16 Golden Tips 
Today we shall share some super forex trading tips with our visitors.These tips will help ou in becoming a successful forex trader. We have also shared some relevant links for beginners on this page,.
1-Before starting forex trading you must learn all required basic skills for avoiding loss. Here is the list of some recommended basic skills which you must learn before entering in the forex trading business;
Trading graph analysis
Basic studies for example;
Candle study
RSI (Relative Strength Index)
Fibonacce (Fibonacci Retracement)
Parabolic SAR

Forex Trading Tutorial & 25 Super Tips For Beginners

Free Online Forex Trading Training For All – Tips & Tricks

2-I have not seen a single successful fore trader without having knowledge of these basic skills.

3-Never enter in the market directly. Remember that forex trading training institutes are run by small or failed traders. You can learn just theoretical knowledge from these institutes. Learn the basics from them and then apply your skills in your demo account. First you must start your forex trading with demo account. Forex companies provide these accounts free of cost to the beginners. You must use this facility at least for 4 to 6 months. This practice will help you in understanding the dynamics of fore trading and market.

4-You should try to get full grip over all above mentioned fields. This knowledge will help you a lot in becoming a successful fore trader.

5-There is no need of exercising all trading studies. Always try to adapt one or maximum two studies and continue with it.

6-Never rely on the analysis of your fellow traders. This routine will never allow you to become an independent trader or analyst.

7-Always rely on your own study after learning the above mentioned basics.

8-Always enter in the forex trading with a winner’s mindset. A person with loser’s mentality can not win in this race even with billion$ investment.

9-Before buying you must analyze the past history critically. For short term trade view hourly, daily,weekly and monthly charts. If you are interested in long term then analyze the quarterly and yearly charts.

10-Kindly follow the stop loss limits and order placing. If your decision goes against you then there is no need to be panic. Wait for your well calculated levels and then decide about the further action.

11-You will have to remain in touch with international current affairs too as international news affects the forex market. .

12-Your earning in forex trading depends on the amount of your investment. Never invest huge amount before getting confidence on your calculations and analysis. If you want to earn millions then you will have to invest millions. It is not possible at all to earn millions by investing thousands. You must start your fore trading with hundreds. Remember that your knowledge and confidence will play important role in your success in this field.Get confidence first by small investment.

13-Your orders should be as per your account size. It is recommended for you place up orders pf 20% of your account. 20:80 ratio is best for beginners.

14-Never take so many trades in a day. You should go for one well calculated trade in a day.

15-You must daily study the latest market trends critically for taking good decision .

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