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Free Telepathy Training Tutorial & Top Ten Tips For Beginners

How To Learn Telepathy Easily? Top Ten Super Tips For Beginners, Realities & Myths  
Yes telepathy is a reality. Its just one power of our mind and soul. Human beings have been gifted with many more great powers by Almighty Allah like healing power, hypnotism etc. Everyone can learn telepathy as no special skills are required for learning this art. Your success in this field depends upon your hard work, determination and self confidence. Remember that distance healing is also a sub field of telepathy. At present Telepathy lies in the domain of metaphysics, but i am sure that soon its scientific reasons will also be proved soon, as psychologists and mind scientists are now working seriously on this power of human mind.

Free Telepathy Training Tutorial & Top Ten Tips For Beginners

Free Telepathy Training Tutorial & Top Ten Tips For Beginners


Hazrat Umar (R.A ) warned his commander through telepathy about the expected danger in the battle field. He also ordered river Nile to run smoothly and river Nile is still obeying his order. In this case his faith was key factor as there is hell of difference between faith and belief. Faith is much bigger thing than belief. Hazrat Suleman (A.S) used to communicate with birds and animals too. You may call it super telepathy(Miracle). You may know that what a person is thinking through telepathy. Its a hundred percent wrong myth that you may control the mind of a person through telepathy. Late Mohiuddin Nawab had wrongly expressed the jurisdictions of telepathy in his serialized fantasy thriller novel “Devta” which was published in monthly Suspense Digest. Remember that you can not brain wash a person through this technique.

Top Ten Golden Tips About How To Learn The Art of Telepathy 

1-First of all try to improve your concentration power. There are many exercises to improve the concentration powers. You may chose any concentration booster exercise as per your choice like breathing exercises, viewing the burning candle, meditation, yoga etc

2-You must have believe that every human being can learn any art with the help of his God gifted abilities.

3-In start you can not convey your messages through telepathy to a person living away from you. In the start you will have to do the practice on the people who are in front of you. Proceed further but step by step.

4-Start your practice of telepathy with a person who believe in your ability of telepathy.

5-You may also start your practice by conveying your messages to your pets. I also started my practice on my gave me lot of confidence.

6-Try to increase your spiritual power. There are many methods of improving the spiritual powers like good deeds, reciting the verses of Holy Quran, Asma-ul-Husna (99 Names of Allah) and good intention for everyone.

7-You can not easily contact a person who don’t have believe in telepathy or your ability to communicate with others from a distance.

8-Always practice when you are in winner state of mind.

9-Never share your successes in this field with others at least in the initial training period.

10-People with natural ability can learn this art easily than common people. I do not think that you need any more guidance to learn this art. I am always here to guide you free of cost. Professionals tutors will take thousands of rupees for teaching your above mentioned techniques.