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Free University Education in Germany Even For Foreign Students 2020

Breaking News- Free Higher Education in Germany Even For International  Students 2020
Can you even imagine of getting free university education in Pakistan. Certainly not, other than scholarship winners but Germany has become a tuition fee free country now and no tuition fee will be charged from students in public sector universities. Germany has join the club of Scandinavian countries like Denmark, Sweden Norway and Finland. All these counties take higher education as basic human right and higher education is free there that’s why we call these states as social welfare states.


Earlier more than 200 civil rights organizations and student unions launched a campaign against tuition fee in universities in 1999. During this movement free strikes were called and even students occupied universities in Hessen. It was a well organized movement and students successfully influenced the public opinion, trade unions, political parties and government policy. All the seven states of Germany has now abolished tuition fees. Lower Saxony was the 7th and last state which ended the fee few days before. Minister for science and culture of the state says , “We got rid of tuition fees because we do not want higher education which depends on the wealth of the parents.”.


German universities were already charging relatively lower fee than universities in USA and European union but now students will have to pay nothing for higher education in Germany. International students will also be charged no fee, so if you are planning to get education in Europe then try for Germany but remember that majority of German universities demands proficiency in German language so first learn German language then try your luck. It is expected that large number of international students will now apply for admission in German universities so the competition will be tough but not for those who love to face challenges and i hope that you are one of them. USA, UK and other European Union states will have to face public pressure due to this decision by German government and students of these countries can also launch movement against commercialization of education.


But what do you think? Should higher education be free in Pakistan or not. Is this a basic right of you or a luxury for a developing state of Pakistan if your answer is yes then kindly share that from where and how funds can be generated for this purpose.


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Free University Education in Germany Even For Foreign Students 2020

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Free University Education in Germany Even For Foreign Students

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