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Freedom Fighter-Bhagat Singh

Can we own Bhagat Singh

M Aslam Khokhar is an famous writer. Today he wrote a column on Bhagat Singh in daily Express.We are sharing some of his thoughts with you on this page. Bhgat Singh was one of the leading freedom fighters born in Punjab. He was real son of soil, who scarified his life for independence of Indopak. Many critics say that he was a Sikh and they cannot own him. Its not a right approach as he was against Indian national congress and its policies.
He was born at Bangiwala village near Jaranwala on 28 October 1907. His father Kishan Singh and one of his uncle were also freedom fighters. Bhagat Singh was impressed by the revolutionary thoughts of Ishfaq Allah Khan who was a Muslim. Bhagat Singh was eye witness of Jallianvala bagh massacre 1919. British Indian army unit under the command of Brigadier Dyer killed more than 1000 innocent citizens in Jallianvala bagh massacre. This incident changed the life of Bhagat Singh. Now he devoted his life for fighting against British Imperialism.

Lala Lajpat Rai was a famous nationalist leader of Punjab who supported the concept of separate homeland for Muslims of India. When Simon Commission arrived in Punjab, Lala lajpat Rai led a procession against this commission out side the railway station of Lahore. He died due to extreme torture of police. Bhagat Singh decided to take the revenge of his brutal murder by police. He and his friends murdered police officer John Sandras but police could not prove this case against him. Bhagat Singh was against the Hippocratic policies of Gandhi. For increasing the pace of freedom struggle he and his 2 companions threw smoke bombs in Punjab Assembly. They stayed there and raised slogans against British imperialism. Police arrested them and after a short and biased trial court announced death punishment to Baghat Singh and his friends. He was hanged on 23 March 1931. At that time Bhagat Singh was only 24 year old. Gandhi and Congress did not supported him. Bollywood has also made 2 impressive movies on Baghat Singh. M Aslam Khokhar demanded that Jaranwala city should be given new name i.e Bhagat Singh city.
You can read the column of M Aslam Khokhar in Urdu below this post.  Share your opinion with us about Bhagat Singh do you agree with M Aslam Khokhar or not. Was Baghat Singh a freedom fighter  or just a terrorist. Can we own him or not.

BHAGAT SINGH-Column in Urdu


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