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FTJ (DUMS) Introduction, Subjects, Eligibility, Career & Scope

Fazil-e-Tibb-wal-Jarahat (F.T.J)/ Diploma in Unani Medicine and Surgery (DUMS)
FTJ is a four year diploma after matriculation with science.It is also called Diploma in Unani Medicine and Surgery (DUMS). Unani medicines (Herbal, Ayurvedic and Eastern) are very popular in Pakistan that’s why there is a great demand of qualified Hakeems in Pakistan. Herbal medicines have no side effects than modern medicines. FTJ is the abbreviation of Fazil-e-Tibb-wal-Jarahat . National council of Tibb conducts the exams of DUMS.

DUMS Subjects
Following subjects are taught in DUMS.
First Year
1) Physiology I
2) Anatomy I
3) Hygiene
4) Materia Medica (Unani medicine)
5) Principles and Philosophy of Medicine
6) History of Medicine

Second Year
1) Physiology II
2) Anatomy II
3) Materia Medica II (Unani medicine)
4) Principles and Philosophy of Medicine II
5) Pharmacy
6) Principles of Clinical Practice

Third Year
1) Pathology
2) Diagnosis
3) Medical Jurisprudence and Toxicology
4) Obstetrics
5) Therapeutics I
6) Therapeutics and Clinical Practice I

Fourth Year
1) Minor surgery
2) Psychology
3) Gynecology and Pediatrics
4) Infectious diseases
5) Therapeutics II and treatment of fevers
6) Clinical Practice II
Six months house  job is mandatory after completion of 4 years course. After registration with National Council for Tibb you can write RUMP with your degree. RUMP is the abbreviation of Registered Unani Medical Practitioner. Without registration you can not start practice.

DUMS Career & Scope
Now many universities have also launched B.E.M,S degree (Bachelor of Eastern Medicine and Surgery) program after F.Sc Pre Medical. Hakeem Muhammad Saeed Shaheed-e-Pakistan has played a great role in making the herbal treatment popular among masses. FTJ diploma holders can work in herbal and Unani pharmaceutical companies like Qarshi, Hamdard, Aftab Qarshi and Ajmal. You may also start your own herbal pharmaceutical business. It’s quite easy for those who takes their studies seriously. Profit margin in this business is also very attractive.

Talented FTJ diploma holders can get lectureship in Tibbia colleges. If you can afford then you may also start your own Tibbia college. There is no any separate pharmacy degree in herbal medicines so you can also open your own herbal medical store. You may write columns in newspapers and magazines. Internet has opened new employment opportunity for you. FTJ diploma holders can complete BEMS (Bachelor of Eastern Medicine and Surgery) degree in just three years. You may also get job in government dispensaries. In India Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery (BAMS) and Bachelor of Unani Medicine and Surgery (BUMS) are equivalent courses of BEMS.

FTJ (DUMS) Introduction, Subjects, Eligibility, Career & Scope



FTJ (DUMS) Introduction, Subjects, Eligibility, Career & Scope

I will suggest you to read the books of Hakim Sabir Multani . He was the biggest Hakim after Ibne Sina. His theory of treatment is very easy and scientific. He wrote more than a dozen books. Allopathic is wrong and unscientific is his most popular book. The day is not far when the whole world will admit his research. Even now his books are best sellers in the market. You can treat all the diseases with just 3 medicines with his simple organopathy way of treatment. He was the first hakeem who used to treat his patients with just food. He alone presented a complete pharmacopoeia.His books will be very helpful for yo in private practice.

Many students gets admission in DHMS and DUMS at a time, as the curriculum/syllabus of both diplomas are very much similar. We too recommend it. FTJ is very easy as medium of instruction is Urdu and unfortunately exams are conducted in very friendly atmosphere. There is also no any issue of attendance that’s why many students continue their regular studies too with DUMS. You may also get admission in pharmacy technician course if you are interested to open a allopathic medical store. It’s a two years diploma after matriculation with science. It will also help you in starting your own herbal pharmacy business.

This field requires fresh blood for research and a talented and hardworking person can earn lot of money just only with private practice. There is a great space for research minded person in this field. People are fed up with modern medicines and coming back towards nature. In future demand of natural-paths and unani medicine will increase a lot.  Job satisfaction is also guaranteed as you help the people to fight against diseases. So at least view the syllabus books and then decide either it is a suitable career for you or not.

Although due to efforts of National Council for Homeopathy DHMS diploma has been declared equivalent to B.Sc and BHMS equivalent to M.Sc/BS but still national council for Tibb has not succeeded in this regard. FTJ is one the best study option for females after matriculation with science as they can start clinic at home after completing the course. Age limit for getting admission in FTJ diploma is 45 years. Fees of tibbia colleges are also very nominal. Many government servants also gets this diploma to start private practice after retirement. Stay in touch with us for guidance about different medical courses.

Admission in Government Tibbia College

FTJ (DUMS) Subjects, Eligibility, Career & Scope



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