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Further Study Options After B.Com, List & Scope of Recommended Courses

Further Study Options After B.Com in Pakistan, List & Scope and Career Counseling About Recommended Courses 
If you are done with your bachelor of commerce degree then do you want to know that which further study options you can have? We can tell you. We know that worth and value of this B.Com degree has become quite high in Pakistan. As commerce world and market is growing day by day, similarly demand of these B.Com degree holders is also increased. Banking and commerce sector, accounting sector and other fields linked with commerce, they are in need of professional and proficient B.Com degree holders. Here at this page, our primary and main focus of attention will be that what you should do after completing with your B.Com education.

What to do After B.Com?
You can have completion of your M.Com degree. Getting bachelors education in commerce is not enough for you. One should persue with M.Com degree as well. This masters of commerce degree will give more as well as extensive exposure related to this world of commerce. You will get more and extreme in-depth knowledge about commerce and accounting if you will study M.Com after finishing with your B.Com degree. Through this M.Com degree program, you will be focusing your studies on subjects of accounting and business as well as on subjects of finance and economics. You will study subjects like statistics and taxation and also marketing as well as management. From this program, you will get all and complete insights related to field of commerce.

B.Com Subjects, Eligibility, Career & Scope, Further Study Options

Further Study Options After B.Com, List & Scope of Recommended Courses

Students who have completed their B.Com studies, they can pursue with their MBA program. This is the masters program of business administration. In this MBA program, students can do their specialization in finance.
Option of doing ACCA or CA is also opened for these B.Com degree program graduates. This field of commerce and accounting is quite big. You will not have limited study options if you will complete your B.Com studies. More you will do expansion of your B.Com studies, better it will be for you.

Scope of Common and Further Study Options After B.Com
Chartered Accountant Degree Program
If you will enter in this CA program after completing your B.Com studies then you will see and encounter many growth opportunities in your educational career. For the information, these CA exams are usually conducted and commenced by Institute of Chartered Accountants.

Certified Management Accountant CMA Degree Program
This program has duration of 1 year only and you will be able to surpass many beneficial career opportunities in your life.

Certified Public Accounting CPA Degree Program
This degree program can increase and for sure enhance level and standard of your competence in this vast field of commerce and accounting.

Business Accounting and Taxation BAT Degree Program
From this program, you will learn about the basic and primary method of journal entry. You will know how to make final accounts and details about tax compliances. Your soft skills will be enhanced through this program too like business communication skills. You will be given understanding about advanced excel and SAP training.


M.Com is general further study option for all B.Com degree holders.


If you want to join business line then go for MBA.


MPA also has great scope for you, if you have interest in this field.


PGD in any of your related field is also an aoption.


If you want to join legal line then go for LLB 3 years program.


These are recommended courses for BCom.IT degree holders.