Galaxy Note PRO 12.2

Galaxy Note PRO 12.2-Review

Samsung has combined the qualities of laptop and tablet in its new Galaxy Note PRO 12.2. You can not guess easily weather its a laptop or tablet. Its Key board has all the features of laptop’s keyboard. Its screen is also larger than may laptops. Users ca use may applications at a time in Galaxy Note PRO 12.2. Just like computer more than one users can use it with their individual profile. It has complete set of business tools which make it very attractive for professional businessmen.

Galaxy Note PRO 12.2 is getting popularity among business class due its amazing features. But unfortunately its price is much higher than may other laptops.The price of Galaxy Note PRO 12.2 with 32 GB storage is 750 dollars while the price of Galaxy Note PRO 12.2 with 64 GB storage is 850 dollars. If you want to buy Galaxy Note PRO 12.2 for enjoying music, reading books or watching movies then Galaxy Note PRO 12.2 is not for you as may cheap tablets are available in market for these purposes.

Galaxy Note PRO 12.2 is for those people who want to enjoy the features of laptop on tablet and don’t want to carry heavy laptops with them. Its screen is 12.2 inches which is bigger than apple’s I pads. Even its bigger than Microsoft’s surface Pro Two which also contain the features of laptop and tablet. The price of  Microsoft’s surface Pro Two is 899 dollars. Although Galaxy Note PRO 12.2 is a bit cheaper than Microsoft’s surface Pro Two still it is not in the reach of middle class businessman. But due to its large screen and business tools it is making its place in the market.Watching movies and videos on Galaxy Note PRO 12.2 is an amazing experience due to its large screen.

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.Galaxy Note PRO 12.2

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