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Game Changer Elements in International Politics

Current Affairs- Game Changer Elements in International Politics 2015
International politics is going to be changed in next couple of years. No country of world could ever defeat the gorilla warriors. USA could not defeat the gorilla warriors of Vietnam. The only cause of fall of USSR was its defeat against gorilla warriors of Afghanistan. India has deployed more than 7 lac troupes in Kashmir but the result is zero. Western countries and even Israel have failed to counter the gorillas warriors in Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan. 10 Arab counties are fighting against a small such group in Yemen but you know the result of this war too. Only Pakistan army has succeeded in Operation Zarb-e-Azb. Operation Zarb-e-Azb has become a game changer not only in Asia but also in international politics.

Pak army has proved that it is the number one military force in the world which has capability to defeat the terrorists and gorilla warriors that’s why the group of ten Arab countries is seeking our help in their war against the rebels of Yemen. Even Iran who was challenging Western countries is afraid of us. Russia wants to remove its differences with Pakistan. Current Afghan government has also realized the importance of military power of Pakistan. First time in the history Afghan government is sending its troupes for training in our military training schools.

International Politics

Game Changer Elements in International Politics


Kashmiri people have started new intifada (freedom struggle) in Kashmir after seeing the success of Pakistan army in operation Zarb-e-Azb. China is investing more than 46 billion dollars in Pakistan as China has realized the importance of Pakistan in the international politics. China Pakistan economic corridor is another game changer in international politics after operation Zarb-e-Azb. This China Pakistan economic corridor will bring an economic revolution in many countries of Asia. In near future Russia and middle Asian Muslim countries will also be give access to China Pakistan economic corridor. This corridor will make Pakistan Asian tiger. Our economic problems will be resolved. Muslim countries have also admitted Pakistan as their sole leader.

Pakistan has also become the one and only front line state in the war against terror. ISI has proved that its the number one intelligence agency of the world. Although Pak China relations are not threat for any country still regional and international powers are afraid of our ties with China. Iran which was threatening us few months before now after our success in operation Zarb-e-Azb she is also silent. Turkey has declared that Pakistan is its strategical ally. Pakistan has ensured Saudi Arabia that our army will protect the territorial integrity of Saudi Arabia. Just a decade before Arab countries used to see towards Western countries for their protection but now Pakistan has taken the place of even NATO in the Middle East. World has realized that only Pakistani army can fight against the terrorists and gorilla warriors. Its a game changer element in the world politics. Hopefully now world will realize that Pakistan deserves to become the permanent member of United Nations Security Council. Visit and its facebook page for reading articles on current affairs and international politics.