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GC University Lahore List of All Programs For Admission 2023, Prospectus Download

Government College University GCU Lahore List of All Academic Programs For Admission 2024, Download Prospectus

Government College University Lahore is commonly known as GCU Lahore. It was founded in 1864 so its older than Punjab University Lahore. M Hussain Azad, Allama Iqbal, Sir Ganga Ram, Sir Thomar Arnold, Zia Muhyeddin, Ahmad Shah Bukhari, Syed Imtiaz Ali Taj, Faiz Ahmad Faiz, Dr Abud Salam, Sufi Ghulam Mustafa Tabassum, Dev Anand, Ishaf Ahmad, Bano QudsiaDr Mehboob ul Haq and author of this post were also Ravians.



History of GCU Lahore

GC University Lahore was established in 1864 as a school by the British govt. It became a college in 1886 & GCU was granted university status in 2002. Throughout its history the Government College University Lahore has played a significant role in the development of education in Pakistan.


The GCU LHR has produced many notable alumni for example as mentione above. The GCU Lahore has also been home to many distinguished faculty members like Dr. Muhammad Iqbal, who is widely regarded as 1 of the greatest poets & philosophers in the subcontinent.


GC University Lahore has a strong tradition of academic excellence & research. It has been recognized by various national & international organizations. Even now after coming out of government control still GC University Lahore is considered the no 1 university of Pakistan.



Programs in GC University Lahore

GC University Lahore is offering lot of academic programs under different faculties. Its programs start from inter first year and highest program is PhD. GC University Lahore is also offering engineering programs like BSc Electrical Engineering. B.Com is being offered in evening classes. BSCS and MSCS are two highly recommended programs for computer science lovers. Those who have interest in management studies can go for EMBA, MBA and BSc (Hons) in applied management. Lot of MA and MSc level programs are also available in Botany, English Literature, Chemistry, Islamic Studies, Mathematics, Political Science, Psychology, Physical Education, Statistics and Urdu.



Why GCU Lahore

GC University Lahore has a range of modern facilities that provide students with the best possible learning environment. The campus is spread over acres & includes airy classrooms, laboratories, computer labs, Bukhari auditorium, love garden, oval ground & libraries. The university also has a sports complex, open air theater & a cafeteria which provides a range of food options.


The university provides on-campus accommodation for both male & female students. The hostels are well-equipped with all the necessary facilities like Iqbal hostel. These hostels provide a comfortable living environment for students. The university also has a medical center that provides medical care to students & staff.


The university has a strong focus on research & has established various research centers. The research centers are equipped with modern facilities & provide students and researchers with the resources they need to conduct cutting-edge research.



Final Remarks

Its not easy to copy the list of BS, BSc, MPhil, MS and Phd programs so we have given it below in form of newspaper ad. Almost all types of HSSC classes are being offered by GCU Lahore. GC University Lahore is also offering many diploma and certificate courses. These professional PGD and certificate courses are available in the areas of Arabic language, Chinese language, English communication skills, forensic sciences, Urdu language for foreigners, painting, drawing, child & adult psychotherapy and child guidance & educational counseling. For majority of programs you will have to clear entry test and interview stages as its not an easy task to become a proud Ravian. GC University Lahore list of all programs for admission 2024 have been given below and a related link of the official website for viewing the list of GC University Lahore and downloading prospectus has also been given just for you.


Click Here To View GC University Lahore List of All Programs For Admission 2024


GC University Lahore List of All Programs For Admission 2024, Prospectus Download


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