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General Knowledge For Kids-50 Gk Facts


50 General Knowledge (G.K) For Kids

Hai we are back with the second episode of general knowledge posts. If you see any typing mistake kindly inform us, so that we may be able to rectify it. We hope you will like this  second post of general knowledge  too.These general knowledge based information is for kids specially.


1-Muhammad (PBUH) is the most popular first name in the world.
2-First oil well was drilled in Pennsylvania.
3-Captain Cook was the first man in human history who st foot on five continents.
4-New York has the most underground stations than any other city of the world.
5-India makes the most films per year.
6-Oil is the most traded product in the world and coffee is the second.
7-World’s largest mine, Carletonville is in South Africa.
8-Famous inventor Thomas Alva Edison  built the first film studio in the world.
9-The maximum ever temperature of 16.4 F was recorded on September 13, 1922 in the city of  Azizia (Libya) and the minimum temperature was recorded in the town of Vostok near Antarctica on 24th August, 1960.
10-Jericho, situated in the Jordan valley is the oldest town in the world.


11-The Sumerian civilization(Iraq) is considered to be the oldest civilization of the world.
12-Cambodian language has 74 alphabets.
13-The Royal Majesty ship Queen Elizabeth is the largest passenger ship in the world till now.It is 314 meters long and 6 meters wide.
14-China has the largest army in the world.
15-The panch pokhri lake situated in Himalaya Mountains is the highest lake in the world.
16-Qxford street is the busiest shopping center of London.
17-Breitling orbiter was the first balloon to fly non-stop around the world.
18-The largest tides of the world occur in the Bay of Fundy(Canada).
19- Light is the fastest thing in the world. It travels at the speed of 187000 miles per second.
20-The highest rainfall  for one month was recorded at Indian town Cherapoonje 1,14 inches rain fall during the month of July 1861.


General Knowledge (GK)


General Knowledge For Kids-50 Gk Facts

21-Sudan is the largest country in Africa.
22-Mumbai is the most populous city.
23-Sailfish-Marlin is the fastest swimming ocean fish(60 mph).
24-Queen Elizabeth1st  was the first person who wear a wrist watch.
25-Rchard Charles Dew opened the first ever blood bank in the New York city(1941).
26-Astronomy is the oldest known science in the world.
27-Pepper was first used in China.
28-Tasmania is the smallest state in Australia.
29-English has the most words than any other language.
30-Russia grows the most potatoes.


31-Alaska is the largest state in USA.
32-Louis Bleriot was the first man who fly across the channel.
33-The only Hindu country in the world is Nepal.
34-Arabia is the largest peninsula in the world.
35-Zahir Shah was the last king of Afghanistan.
36-Yahoo is the oldest search engine.
37-The largest stock exchange of the world is in New York.
38-Althing (Iceland) is the oldest parliament in the world.
39-Havana (Capital of Cuba) is famous cigar manufacturing.
40-Glasgow is the biggest ship building center.


41-Detroit (USA) is famous for car manufacturing.
42-Biggest oil refinery is in Abadan (Iran).
43-Mangolia is the largest land locked country of the world.
44-Kazakistan is the largest Muslim country by area. It is also the largest central Asian state.
45-Jordan is hosting the largest number of Palestinian  refugees.
46-Fredinand Magallan is considered the first man who sailed around the world.
47-Mexico is the second most populous country of the world.
48-Hinduism is considered the oldest religion of world.
49-Christianity is the largest religion of the world.
50-Brazil is the largest sugar producing country of the world.

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