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General knowledge plays an important role in building your confidence.  So you should take it as burden.  Try to develop your interest in reading general knowledge books. As improving general knowledge is a continuous process.  Psychologists says that man can learn that thing easily in which he takes interest. And if you want to excel from your competitors in exams or in your career then you must have to take great interest in improving your general knowledge.


1-Brazil is the biggest coffee producing country.
2-Bangladesh is the biggest jute producing country.
3-Alaska has no land connection with USA.
4-China is the biggest fish catching country.
5-China is the biggest tobacco producing country in the world.
6-China is also the biggest bicycle producing country.
7-Technologically the most advanced country is United States of America.
8-Japan is the biggest merchant ship builder country in the world.
9-USA is the biggest Arms exporter country.
10- China has the biggest regular armed forces in the world.


11-West Indies are in the Atlantic Ocean.
12-Famous Hyde Park is situated in London.
13-Bond Street in London is famous for tailoring and jewelery.
14-Adam’s bridge is a narrow strip of sea between India and Sri Lanka.
15-Bastille was a state prison in France.
16-Napoleon was born in island of Corsica.
17-Cape Cannedy is a rocket launching station.
18-Eden garden is famous cricket ground in Calcutta.
19-Eiffle tower is in Paris (capital of France).
20-Pittsburg (USA) is famous for iron and steel center.


General Knowledge (GK)

Online Preparation of General Knowledge (GK)


21-Independence hall is in Philadelphia (USA).
22-Mogadishu is the capital of Somalia.
23-Monte Carlo is famous for gambling tables and car race.
24-Notre Dam is a church.
25-Oval is a famous cricket ground.
26- Red Square(Moscow) is famous for mausoleum of Lenin and Stalin.
27-Nanga Parbat is in Himalayan range.
28-Vatican is the official residence of Pope of Rome.
29-West minister abbey is in London.
30-Windser Castle is the royal residence of England.


31-World’s shortest street “England Street” is located in Scotland.
32-World’s biggest street “Broadway” is in USA.
33-38 Parallel line is the boundary line between South Korea and North Korea.
34-McMohan line is the boundary between China and India.
35-“Hot Line” is a direct telephone line between heads of government.
36-Egypt is called the gift of Nile.
37-Africa is called the dark continent.
38-Tibet is called the forbidden land.
39-Canada is called the land of maple.
40-Palestine is commonly known as Holy Land.


41-Japan is called the land of rising sun.
42-Pamir is called the roof of the world.
43-Gibraltor is called the key to Mediterranean.
44-Rome is called the city of seven hills.
45-Switzerland is called the play ground of Europe.
46-Norway is called the land of mid night sun.
47-Rome is also called the Eternal city.
48-First world war was started in 1914.
49-Second world war started  in 1945.
50-“In the line of fire” is the autobiography of General Pervez Musharraf.


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