General Knowledge About Africa in Urdu & English- 25 Interesting Facts

Improve Your GK (General Knowledge) About Continent Africa
On this page you may read top 25 general knowledge facts about Africa. These facts are being shared both is Urdu and English languages. We are trying our level best to improve your general knowledge on different topics. Soon more such GK based posts will be shared on this platform, so stay connected with us.


1-Africa is the second largest continent of the world by area. Its area is about 6% of the total earth area. It was called dark continent due to its hidden areas and creatures.
2-Africa is also the second largest continent by population. 16% of total world’s population live in this continent. It is also the poorest and most underdeveloped continent of the world.
3-25% people of Africa are less than 25 years old.
4-About 25 million African people have become victim of HIV Aids.
5-90% cases of Malaria are found in Africa.


6-Rate of deforestation in Africa is almost double than the rest of the world.
7-About 25% species of birds are found in this continent.
8-About 2000 languages are spoken in Africa.
9-Almost all countries of Africa were colonized from 1881 to 1914 except Liberia and Ethiopia. This era was known as scramble for Africa.
10-There are 54 independent countries in this continent. No other continent of the world has more independent state than it.


11-Second largest frsh water lake is also found in Africa. Its name is Lake Victoria.
12-About 10 millions tourists visit the African country Egypt every year for viewing the pyramids.
13-Out of top five fastest animals of the world four are found in African forests. These animals can run with the speed of more than 50 miles per hour.
14-Charles Darwin first presented the theory that earliest human beings were found in Africa.
15-Fossils of 3.2 million old lady were found in the Ethiopia. She was given the name Lucy.


Islam is the largest religion of this continent. Christianity is the second largest religion. About 85% African population follow both these religions.
16-Hippopotamuses are the most dangerous animal in African jungles.
17-About 5.4 million people died during second Congo war (1998-2003).
18-Collective area of USA, China, India, New Zealand, Argentina and Europe is less than African continent.
19-Almost half gold of the world was mined from South Africa.
20-Sahara desert is the largest hot desert of the world. Its bigger than America.


21-Ancient Egyptian city Canaan was the first ever planned city of the world.
22-Largest reptile of the world is the crocodile of Nile river.
23-River Nile is the longest river of the world.
24-Suez canal is also located in African country Egypt.
25-King Mansa Musa of African country Mali is considered the richest person of all times.

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General Knowledge About Africa in Urdu & English- 25 Interesting Facts

General Knowledge About Africa in Urdu & English- 25 Interesting Facts

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