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General Knowledge About Neom City Saudi Arabia in Urdu & English

General Knowledge GK About Neom City of Saudi Arabia in Urdu & English Languages 

Welcome to our new general knowledge article. Neom is a new proposed city of Saudi Arabia. It is the brain child of Saudi Crown Prince Muhammad bin Suleman. Neom will be a transnational city and economic hub of the region. Lot of industrial zones will be constructed here, which will provide unlimited employment opportunities for local youth and international labor. About 500 billion dollars will be spent on this project in first stage. This first stage of the project will be completed till 2025. This city will work as independent city as laws of Saudi Arabia will not be implemented on it.

MBS (Muhammad Bin Suleman) wants to reduce the dependency of Saudi economy from wealth earned by oil export. He wants to make the economy of its country multidimensional, so he has introduced lot of mega projects under its vision 2030 project. Neom city is the biggest project under MBS vision 2030. Total 9 economic zones will be constructed here. Majority of investment will be spent on energy, water transport, biotechnology, food, technical & digital sciences, advance manufacturing, communication, media production and entertainment related projects. Neom city will be located the bank of red sea near boarder of Egypt and Jordan.

Multinational companies are thinking to migrate their head offices and regional offices in Neom city. Lot of theme parks and production houses will be built in Neom city. This city will also become educational hub of the region. Large number of international universities are thinking to establish their sub campuses here. Museums, digital libraries, zoo, water/snow parks, clubs, 7 star hotels, mega shopping malls, restaurants and recreational parks will be the part of this project.

This city will become the biggest competitor of Dubai in the Middle East. City will become the industrial hub of Asia. A autonomous body will run the administration of the Neom city. Culture of the Neom city will be entirely different from the current Saudi culture. Here women will be allowed to work with men. Cinemas, theaters, music industry will be the part of the city life. It will be smart city with sky scrappers, motor ways and bullet trains. Total nine. Remember Karachi has population more than total population of Saudi Arabia and its total area is 3780 square kilometers while total area of Neom city will be more than 26000 square kilometers. It will be bigger than many countries of the world. Visit and its facebook page daily for reading more articles on general knowledge.

All About Neom City Saudi Arabia in Urdu & English Languages

All About Neom City Saudi Arabia in Urdu & English Languages