General Knowledge About “The Spy Chronicles” Book in Urdu

Current Affairs Book Review-All General Knowledge (GK) About “The Spy Chronicles” Book-Joint Venture of RAW and ISI?
Welcome to our new general knowledge and current affairs article. RAW and ISI are two rival intelligence agencies. These two agencies are running unlimited operations against each other. In popular Hindi movie of Sulman Khan Tiger Zinda He both these agencies work together against common enemy ISIS, but it was a fantasy. Now in real life ex chiefs of these two intelligence agencies have joined hands for writing a joint book “The Spy Chronicles”. “The Spy Chronicles” has become the best seller book all over the world. Ex ISI chief General (R) Asad Duranni and ex Raw Chief A.S Sinha Dulat have jointly shared their experiences and views in this book.

Extremist elements of India and Pakistan believe that both these chiefs are traitors of their countries, while moderate people think that it is the first right step towards peace in the region by the concerned authorities of Pakistan and India. GHQ of Pakistan is not happy at this self initiative of General R Asad Duranni and he was called at GHQ for explanation purpose as there are lot of difference between the views of Pak Army and General Asad Durrani.

General Asad Durrani had also not got NOC from GHQ for joining this joint venture. General Asad Durrani is in hot waters after writing this book. Same is the case with RAW chief in India. After Aman ki asha it is the second controversial initiative for peace between India and Pakistan. Every one want peace in Indian sub continent but nobody is ready to speak the whole truth. There was no need of discussing internal matters of the country in “The Spy Chronicles”, if it was just a peace initiative. It was mandatory for us to provide you information about “The Spy Chronicles”, so we are going to share an Urdu article with you on this best seller book.

This article was published in daily Nai baat. Read the newspaper cutting given below for improving your general knowledge about “The Spy Chronicles” book. Almost all the required general knowledge has been given about “The Spy Chronicles” in the newspaper cutting including versions of both countries, key points of the book and reaction on publishing of this book. You may also take this article as an review in Urdu language on book “The Spy Chronicles”. Visit our current affairs and general knowledge categories daily.

General Knowledge About “The Spy Chronicles” Book in Urdu

General Knowledge About The Spy Chronicles Book in Urdu


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