General Knowledge on Pakistan Studies For Job Tests

Useful Information on Pakistan Studies-Fifty Facts
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1-Chaudhary Rehmat Ali wrote the pamphlet now or never.
2-Shah Abdul Aziz was the son of Shah Wliullah.
3-Allama Iqbal delivered his famous address at Allahabad in 1930.
4-Sir Syed Ahmad Khan was the founder of Aligarh movement.
5-MAO College Aligarh received the status of university in 1920.
6-Haji Sharia Ullah founded the Farazi movement in Bengal.
7-Syed Amir Ali founded the Muhammadan Literary and scientific society in Calcutta in 1863.
8-Syed Ahmad Shaheed launched the Jihad movement against the Sikh government in 1826.
9-Shah Waliullah wrote the book Hujatullah-ul-Baligha.
10-Quad-e-Azam joined the All India Muslim League in 1913.


Pakistan Studies


General Knowledge on Pakistan Studies For Job Tests

11-Allama Iqbal demanded a separate homeland for Muslim of India in 1930 at Allahabad Muslim League session.
12-Shah Waliullah founded the famous madrassa Rahimia.
13-Sir Syed organized the Muhammadan Educational Conference in 1886.
14-Syed Ahmad Barailvi was martered in the battle of Balakot.
15-Sir Agha Khan led the Simla delegation in 1906.
16-All India Muslim League was founded in 1906 at Dhaka.
17-Sir Agha Khan was the first president of All India Muslim League.
18-The main demand of Simla delegation was separate electorate.
19-First annual session of All India Muslim League was held in Karachi in 1907.
20-Sir M Shafi opposed the Jinnah’s decision to boycott the simon commission in 1927.


21-British annexed the Sikh kingdom of Punjab in 1849.
22-Kamal Atta Turk abolished the caliphate in Turkey.
23-Congree and Muslim League signed the famous agreement Simla pact in 1916.
24-War of independence began from Merrut in 1857.
25-General Dire was the responsible for Amritsar massacre.
26-MuslimLeague observed the day of deliverance on 22 September 1939.
27-Lahore resolution was passed  on 23rd March 1940.
28-Simla conference 1945 was broke down on the issue of allocation of seats to Muslims.
29-Cripps mission was sent to India in 1942.
30-Caine mission was sent to India in 1946.


31- Quaid-e-Azam remained the Governor General of Pakistan for one year and one month.
32-Goradaspur, Feroz pur and Batala were Muslim majority areas of Punjab which were awarded to India in 1947 by the boundary commission.
33-Lord Wavell called the conference of Indian leaders at Simla in 1945.
34-Indian partition plan was given the name of 3rd June plan.
35-Round table conferences were held in London.
36-Maulvi Fazal Haq moved the Lahore resolution.
37-Ayub Khan became the chief martial law administrator on 16 October 1958.
38-Mujeeb ul Rehman was the creator of six points.
39-Objective resolution was passed in on 12th March 1949.
40-Ayub Khan introduced the basic democracy system in 1959.


41-Ayub Khan handed over the power to Yahya Khan on 25 March,1969.
42-Awami league won the majority in 1970 general election.
43-Yahya Khan introduced the first legal frame work order.
44-Pakistan’s second constitution was adopted in 1962.
45-The title of ruler of Hyderabad Deccan was Nizam.
46-Allma Iqbal Open University was first open university in Asia.
47-PPP won the general election in 1977.
48-Supreme  court of Pakistan is the highest judicial court in  Pakistan.
49-National assembly of Pakistan is elected for five year.
50-Senate is elected for the period of six years.


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