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Geography of Pakistan – Some Unique Facts

Geography of Pakistan РSome Strange  Facts
Pakistan enjoys a unique geographical and Geo-strategical position on the world map. Pakistan is the only country in the world which has 3 atomic power neighbors i.e Russia, China and India. None of these three atomic countries can make their plans successful without the cooperation of Pakistan. USSR could not reach to warm waters just due to Pakistan. India is unable to connect with Central Asian states because of us. China needs build economic corridor to increase its trade.


Geography of Pakistan has made us the one and only front-line state against terrorism and fundamentalism. USA can not make its plans successful against China without our help. All the central Asian countries are land locked and they can not make rapid economic progress without having access to Arabian Sea. Only Pakistan can give them easy access to Arabian Sea. After the completion of Pak China Economic corridor all these countries including Russia will also get easy access to Indian Sea. Pak China Economic corridor is in fact a dry Suez canal and it will play a role of game changer in Asia.


Geography of Pakistan - Some Unique Facts

Geography of Pakistan – Some Unique Facts

ISIS. Alqaida and Taliban had become threat for world peace. Pakistan has successfully defeated Taliban and Alqaida. Now Pakistan is the only wall before ISIS too. We will defeat it too Inshaa Allah.


Gwadar port is also gift of Almighty Allah for us. Its the only deep sea port in the region. The time is not far when Singapore, Dubai and Mumbai ports will lose their attraction. Its a fact prosperity of more than dozen countries depends upon us just due to Geography of Pakistan. Russian has admitted this fact and now its current government is willing to have good relations with us.


USA is strictly against us due to our close ties with China but again United States has no alternative of Pakistan. In-spite of backing Indian and Afghanistan, USA has failed to reduce our role in the regional politics just because of Geography of Pakistan. Now Iran is its new alley but you will see in near future that this new move of USA will also be of no use. Iran its self can become a sandwich between Pakistan and Arab states including Turkey, who are our time tested friends. Great game has begun in the region and Inshaa Allah Pakistan will win it too.



Now India and USA will not be able to control the Indian Sea due to Chinese presence in Gwadar. Gwadar port will also secure the Persian Gulf in future. We have almost cleared our tribal areas from terrorists but the brave people of FATA are still with us and they are ready to fight gorilla war for us on any front. These Gorillas have made our Western boarder safe. Fortunately now Pakistan’s maritime boundary has increased by 50,000 square kilometers. Its again a our great success. By the Grace of Almighty Allah you will see that Geography of Pakistan will guarantee our defense and progress in future too.