Get Free Zam Zam Water at Your Door Step Throughout The Year

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Now you can use Zam Zam water through out the year without spending even a penny. Apparently it is impossible,but you just need to understand two famous time tested proven theories for this purpose. There is a concept of spiritual transmission in Islam. According to this theory a true spiritual guide can transfer his knowledge and powers in his followers. Homeopathy is the branch of science which admits/recognizes this principle of Islamic spiritualism.

Get Free Zam Zam Water at Your Door Step Throughout The Year

Get Free Zam Zam Water at Your Door Step Throughout The Year

In homeopathy just 1% of original source of medicine is mixed with 99 percent of vehicle (Water/or alcohol). This mixture is called 1 potency. No 1% of 1 potency is mixed in 99% of vehicle. Now this mixture will be called 2 potency. It will have double power than its original source. Will you believe that 1 million potency is also used in Homeopathy and it is considered as the most powerful medicine. No normal homeopathic doctor use this potency in his normal medical practice.

Both these examples prove that if you have just one drop of Zam Zam water then you may use it for ever. You will just have to add more water in it. Its effects will be remain the same. I am too a homeopathic doctor and my late teacher used to give medicine of Zam Zam water to his each patient. Cure rate of his patients was near to 90% percent. He used to say that his great rate of cure is just because of his Zam Zam water medicine. He even never used alcohol as vehicle in his clinic. He suggested that vinegar, honey, olive oil and Zmazam water are the best preservative or vehicles. If he can use the potency of Zamzam water as medicine then why you can not use one bottle of zamzam water for ever. When just one drop left in it, add normal water to refill the bottle.

In this way you may use Zamzam water through out your life without spending even a penny. In future when ever you gets a gift of Zamzam water, add it into your old bottle. Remember that Zam Zam water is a spiritual water and spiritualism can be transferred from one person to another. Same is the case with Zamzam water. You just need to have firm belief in this proven theory. Holy Quran is the last divine book and its verses have strange effects for the solutions of our problems, but believe me that when a non believer will recite its verses, he will not get the required results. It happens just due to his weak belief.

Even placebo can cure you, if you have belief on it. Even If a Muslim thinks that Zamazam water has no medicinal effects in it, then he can get no benefit even from original Zamzam water, You will have to learn the basics and importance of faith for becoming a successful person/medical practitioner. You have right to disagree with me,but with strong arguments. Let the people decide that who is wrong and who is right. We shall guide you more in this regard in near future.



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