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Get Interest Free Loan From Al Khidmat Foundation Pakistan AKF

AlKhidmat Foundation Interest Free Loan in Pakistan
Al Khidmat Foundation Pakistan is one of the best, non-profit welfare organization in the country which is working in many sectors like education health, disaster management orphan care, clean water and different other community services. Al Khidmat Foundation has big team of tireless workers and volunteers.

One of the best program of Alkhidmat Foundation is Mawakhat. Mawakhat is an interest free loan scheme for poor and needy people. There are two types of interest free loans by Alkhidmat Foundation i.e Small interest Free Loans & Liberation Loans.

Al Khidmat Foundation AKF Small Interest Free Loans
AKF provides small loans to persons who need cash support for expanding their current business. No interest is taken on these loans as these are Qarz-e-Hasna which is returned with in the given time.

Al Khidmat Foundation Liberation Loans
Lot of money lenders in Pakistan are giving loans on very high interest rates to exploit the needy people. Liberation loans are given for giving relief to such people who have become victim of these private money lenders. Under Alkhidmat Mawakhat scheme principle loan is paid to free the pays the borrowers from cruel money lenders. Later on such borrowers have to pay back this Mawakhat loan in easy installments within the given time.

Interest free loans of more than 120 million rupees have been disbursed among 4400 individuals till now.

How To Get Interest Free Loan From Al Khidmat Foundation?
We have given complete contact details of Al Khidmat Foundation head office, regional offices and women wing offices on this page. You may contact your nearest AlKhidmat Foundation Pakistan office for getting more details and for submitting your application. Both males and females can apply. You may also apply in Akhuwat for getting interest free loan. Read our following articles for more details.

Akhuwat-Pioneer of Interest Free Loans in Pakistan

Get Interest Free Loan From AlKhidmat Foundation Pakistan AKF


Get Interest Free Loan From AlKhidmat Foundation Pakistan AKF