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How To Clear Giki Entry Test 2024? Tips, Guess Paper & Syllabus

How To Clear Ghulam Ishaq Khan Institute Giki Entry Test 2024? Super Tips, Guess Paper & Syllabus
Ghulam Ishaq Khan Institute Topi KPK offers lot of engineering, computer science and management sciences. Degrees of Giki Topi are recognized all over the world as this institute has state of the art facilities fully equipped labs and highly qualified faculty members. Here admission are granted on merit base. Candidates have to clear a special entry test for reserving their seats in GIKI. Generally MCQs about Mathematics, Physics and English are asked in Giki entry test.


Best Tips For Giki Entry Test 2024

Claims of private academias about guess paper for Giki entry test 2024 are wrong. No one can provide you any fixed syllabus for GIK Institute entrance test as Giki never provide any such details. So make expected syllabus and guess paper for this Gik Institute entry test yourself. Here are tips for this purpose.


Physics Mathematics and English are 3 targeted main subjects for you. You will have to prepare all these three key subjects. Never learn by heart the MCQs without understanding their meaning and concepts behind them.



How To Clear Giki Entry Test 2024? Tips, Guess Paper & Syllabus


Create your own guess papers after reading the guidelines given in our following article;


How To Make Your Own Guess Paper?

Best utilize the past papers of Giki entry test past papers. Read our below mentioned post for more guidance about best utilization of previous papers.


How To Utilize Past Papers?


Understand and resolve the solved examples of Mathematical sums given before each Asthmatics exercise. First prepare the most repeated sums and then emphasize on remaining questions.
Definitions of scientific laws are also helpful source for your preparation of GIKI entry test. Summaries of the chapters contain most important information regarding the main topics of the concern chapters, so prepare them first.


Numerical sums are given in text book exercises of Physics subject. Solved numerical sums given in chapters have also great importance. Prepare all these sums as numerical related MCQs are also included in Giki entry test.


Practical books have also solved MCQs at the end of each practical procedure. Give them due importance.


Text book exercises also have very important MCQs and short questions. Your main focus should be on these MCQs and short questions. Remember that paper setter may develop MCQs from subjective and short questions of text book exercises.


For preparation of English you will have to think out of the box. Prepare all the main rules of English grammar and improve your word power related to synonym, antonym and general vocabulary.


Buy sample papers, solved objective books and past papers of Giki entry test. All these things you may also find on internet. These are best sources for your practice sessions.