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Girls Cadet College Mardan 8th Class Admission 2025

Girls Cadet College Nisata Road Mardan 8th Class Admission 2025

The latest phase of admissions are open up by this Girls Cadet College Mardan and from this post, you can receive the complete information and details from this page. This school is the project by the government of KPK and it is for the purpose of elementary and secondary education that this school has been established. It was established in the year of 2018 and it is for the 8th class that these admissions are announced by this school. So without wasting any time, we will jump on the area of admission related information.




Eligibility Details for Girls Cadet College Mardan 8th Class Admission 2025 Phase

Your age has to be in between 12 to 14 years, you should not be less than 12 years or you should not be more than 14 years, it is must for the applicant that she has to fall in this age limit.


You have to pass your class 7 examination or if you are about to appear in your class 7 exams then you can submit the hope certificate. On the other hand, it is mandatory for the female applicants that they have to be medically fit.



Other Details of Girls Cadet College Mardan 8th Class Admission 2024 Proceedings

It is at this Girls Cadet College Mardan that your entry test will take place and the date of this entry test is 0th Dec, 2024. You can check the site of this cadet college so that you can have details about entry test syllabus. Your entry test score is very important for every single female applicant so that you may get qualified and get a seat in this cadet college.



You have time till 0st Nov 2024 to submit your application form, after this date none of the form for these 8th class admissions will be accepted. This is the official last date and all female applicants have to follow this last date and official deadline, time line.



Points To Remember

You can demand for the application form by post method, you need to send the bank draft of amount of Rs 2250 and it should be made in the Principal name of this college. If you an overseas student and you want to apply in this college then you can get the form from the college website of this college.



From the branches of Askari bank, you can too get the form and the price of this form and prospectus is Rs 2000. You can check out the attached advertisement and on this advertisement, the list if Askari bank branches are mentioned and written from where you can get your application form. Good luck for the admissions of 8th class and better be prepared and ready for this phase.



Final Remarks

This is all information about these Girls Cadet College Mardan admissions, stay tuned with us and further news on these admissions and proceedings as issued by this cadet college will be shared with you. For more details about Girls Cadet College Mardan 8th class admission 2025 read the newspaper ad given on this page.


Girls Cadet College Mardan 8th Class Admission 2025

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