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Giving Pledge by Javed Chaudhary

Javed chaudhary is one of the most popular columnist in Pakistan. He write his columns in daily express. Today he wrote a beautiful column about great charity campaign by the billionaires of the West. I shall like to share some of his ideas with you. Lets see what he writes in his column. You can read his column in Urdu below this post.

The Giving Pledge

Bill Gates and Warren Buffet are amongst the richest persons of the world.Bill Gates is the founder of Microsoft while Warren Buffet is the owner of several investment companies. Bill Gates has devoted his 95 percent wealth for charity purposes while Warren Buffet has dedicated his 99% wealth for philanthropy. These two billionaire persons established the largest charity association of the world, which is called the giving pledge. Only those billionaires can become its members who dedicate minimum 50 percent of their wealth to philanthropy. More than 115 billionaires have joined this noble club. They are spending their wealth for scientific research, primary education, environment, medical research,and on providing pure drinking water.
According to Javed Chaudhary when government and public both fail to solve the problem then problems can be solved by the cooperation of government and public. This club is also cooperating with the governments of different countries for solving their problems. Our billionaires should also come forward for solving the critical problems of masses. They should do the charity work in an organized manner like the giving pledge. Every billionaire should chose a single goal for their charity campaign. Like some one can take the responsibility of providing pure drinking water to people of Thar desert. Another can establish blood banks in the whole country. Our religious charity organizations also do not work for common man’s problem they collect money just for renovation of Madrasas and mosques. Why they don’t realize that serving humanity is also our religious obligation. They should also make some better planning for their charity services. Our religious charity organizations should take the responsibility of polio vaccination campaign.

Religious parties should also play their role in eliminating the poverty, ignorance and unemployment from Pakistan. These religious parties should start some kind of joint venture like Milli Nazriati council for solving the problems of common man.
He made an appeal to billionaires of Pakistan like Mian Mansha, Malik Riaz  and Iqbal Z Ahmad that they should work with coordination and must make a system with mutual coordination for addressing the issues of public. They should also form charity club of rich persons and very one of them should take the responsibility of combating with some particular issue. 80 percent people of our country make some charity every year but due to lack of any centralized system the actual output is near to zero.Its a  matter of shame for us that Bill Gates has taken the responsibility of eliminating the polio from our country. Where is our elite class.
Javed Chaudhary has identify a key flaw in our society. Our rich people should listen to his advice as being Muslim it is their religious obligation too. We hope that they will cooperate with government and shall make some organized charity organization for addressing the miseries of poor people of Pakistan. You can visit the site of the giving pledge by clicking on the following link.




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