All About GMAT Test, Structure, Registration, Fee, Preparation & Tips


GMAT is a computer based standardized test which is the admission requirement for the students who want to get admission in MBA or any higher business program in USA and some other countries. Graduate management admission council (GMAC) conducts this test. Quantitative reasoning, verbal reasoning, integrated reasoning and analytical writing skills are tested in this test. It was started in 1953. Duration of the test is 3.5 hours. It is offered multiple times in a year. GMAC has established more than 550 test centers in about 110 countries all over the world. More than two lac fifty thousand students appear in the test every year. At present 250 dollars is the fee for appearing in the test. Now almost all the business schools in USA are also accepting GRE so you have choice to select either GRE or GMAT. Still its better to consult your desired institute before taking any decision.

All About GMAT Test, Structure, Registration, Fee, Preparation & Tips

All About GMAT Test, Structure, Registration, Fee, Preparation & Tips

GMAT TEST Structure
Analytical Writing Assessment
In this section you have to write an essay in 30 minutes. This section is designed to analyze your argument and reasoning power in English language.

Integrated Reasoning
This section was introduced in 2012. In this section you have to answer 12 objective questions in 30 minutes. All the 12 questions will be of four types i.e multi-source reasoning, table analysis, graphics interpretation and two-two part analysis.

Quantitative Section
In this section students will have to answer 37 multiple choice questions in 75 minutes. All the questions will be related to data sufficiency and problem solving. You can not use calculator in this section as problem solving questions will be based on arithmetic, algebra, and geometry so you will have to solve these questions with your mathematical skill. data sufficiency questions are designed to check your logic and reasoning power.

Verbal Section
In this section you will have to answer 41multiple-choice questions related to reading comprehension, critical reasoning and sentence correction 75 minutes.

GMAT Preparation
You can get free resources for preparation of GMAT from official website of GMAC i.e From this site you can down load free GMATPrep® Software and hand book. also offers some premium online tools for the preparation of GMAT. Some other sites also offer free sample tests and preparation material. You can also buy books from the market.

GMAT Registration from Pakistan
You can get yourself registered for GMAT test online or by fax, phone and courier.For online registration first you need to get yourself registered on
For registration on phone you will have to pay 10 dollars extra and you can contact on following phone numbers near to your location.
Asia Pacific:
Telephone: +852 3077 4926, 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. AEST
In India: +91 120-439-7830, 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Indian Standard Time
Fax: 6038319 1092

You can make your fee payment through credit cards(Visa, MasterCard, JCB or American Express) or a Visa or Master debit card. If you choose to schedule a GMAT exam appointment by mail then you can make you payment through following ways
Cashier’s check
Money order
Personal check

Points to remember
Valid passport is mandatory at test centers to prove your identification.
You can not take your mobile phone or calculator in the test center.
You can take only necessary items with you in test center such as eye glasses, cough syrup, tissue papers and light sweater.
In case of use of any unfair mean your test may be cancelled and even you may be prohibited from retesting.
You can reschedule your test date, time and location. But you will have to pay following fee
7or more days before test-50 dollars
Less than 7 days before test -250 dollars.
You can also cancel your appointment. You will get 80 dollars refund if you cancel your appointment 7 days before the test date after that no refund will be allowed.
GMAC will send your officials score report to five institutes designated by you within 20 days after your test. For sending each additional report you will have to pay 28 dollars extra.
You can also cancel your score immediately after the test before seeing your score.  Once cancelled score can not be reinstated.
You can reappear in GMAT exam after 31 calender days.

Feel free to ask any question about GMAT and GRE from our team of experts.  Keep visiting your own website for complete information about all kinds of academic tests.

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