Good News For CSS Candidates 2022 Date Sheet Announced

FPSC has Announced The CSS Date Sheet 2022

Federal Public Service Commission FPSC has announced the CSS date sheet 2022. We have uploaded the FPSC CSS date sheet 2022 in image format on this page. Download it right now a make your study schedule as per the CSS date sheet 2022. Read our article How To Manage Studies After Date Sheet” for guidance about making a revised study schedule after the announcement of FPSC CSS date sheet 2022. Your exam will start from 18th February 2022.


As you know that we have written a post against examination and paper checking system of FPSC for CSS exam. Now Federal Public Service Commission has taken the notice about complaints against examination and paper checking system for central superior service exams.


Chairman and members of FPSC have been continuously receiving complaints about the examination system. An internal meeting was held in this regard and it was noticed that that secrecy branch of commission and specially DG Secrecy branch has unlimited powers .Members of commission and other high officials have no right to monitor the exams, paper setting process, marking and results. One DG and his 17 subordinates have complete monopoly on whole process. Only these few employees are responsible for all the process from paper setting to result announcement. In case of any complaint the case is referred to these 17 persons. What a joke was this? How an accused can be made a judge in his own matter.


FPSC has noticed the monopoly of these 17 persons and a summary was sent to chairman to review the examination process. Chairman has approved the summary and now 20 percent papers will be rechecked to ensure transparency. These sample rechecking has been started from the CSS exam 2014. Papers of Lahore centers are being rechecked right now. Chairman FPSC Major General (R) Niaz Muhammad Khan Khattak himself is rechecking the sample papers. We welcome this decision by FPSC and hope that the paper checking and examination system will be made foll proof. You can read the details about good news for CSS candidates 2022 in Urdu in the newspaper ad cutting below this post. Stay in touch with us for latest news alerts.

FPSC CSS Date Sheet 2022


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