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Talk To Books or Google Books-Best Online Tool, Details in Urdu & English

Complete Introduction of  Google Talk To Books Tool in Urdu & English Languages 
So far this is the most effective tool which is introduced by Google and it is named as Talk to Books and Google books! It is the best Google tool and here details of this tool in urdu and English are shared. Whatever question you will type in this tool or application, you will get the most possible and correctly estimated answers from this tool This tool is based on the collection of one lakh books. Sooner, more books will be added in this app and your answers are highlighted in the bold form. This is the great tool which has bring 100% excitement among students and researchers and teachers. You will not get answers in words form, instead you will get the answers in the statement form. It is warned that you can only use this Talk to Books tool for the academic purpose and not for the medical suggestion taking purpose.

Purpose of Google Books- The Best and Famous Tool For Students, Teachers, Journalists & Researchers 
The purpose of Talk to Books tool is not to take the place of keyword search. This tool is right now in the experimental stage and more work is still needed to be done on it. As this app is at its experimental and researching stage, that is why you can get odd answers as well as most amazing answers from this tool. So far Google Search is working a lot on this tool so that 100% satisfactory result can be seen.

This Talk to Books tool is the latest version of Smart Reply tool. For the information, this Smart Reply tool works on the rule that once you will open your email, then your system will take few seconds to read that email and then suggest an email reply to you.

Other Details of Talk To Books or Google Books
To search books or if you want to collect interesting and informative information, then you can use Talk to Books tool. This is the best platform to look for new stories and to see the different sides of the same concept.


Google has also launched Universal Sentence Encoder tool, with this tool, the system will understand your questions in your mother tongue. We know that Google has previously launched other tools too which were linked to this concept and now the latest introduction is made in the form of Google Talk to Books tool.

No doubt Google is trying to open more and more doors of technology for the common people. Progress about this tool will be share with you. You can try using this Google tool as well. Let us know in-detail your experience. This Google books tool is in its initial development stage and we are not sure that whether the future technological updates will accept this tool in future times or not. But so far, just positive results and feedback are being hearing from the users of Google Talk to Books tool.

Talk To Books or Google Books-Best Online Tool, Details in Urdu & English

Talk To Books or Google Books-Best Online Tool, Details in Urdu & English