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Google Chromecast Streaming Stick & Touch Screen Watch

Google’s Chromecast Streaming Stick 
Google has launched chromecast streaming stick in England. Google introduced chromecast streaming stick in USA about eight months ago. Where it got a great response by its customers. Through this device you can connect your mobile phone, tabloid and laptop with your TV set at home or in office. The price of this useful device is only 30 pounds. It is an easy to use device.

You can watch the streaming of your mobile phone, tabloid and laptop on TV by just putting this device into your TV’s HDMI port. Now those people can also use internet on their TV sets through Google’s chromecast streaming stick, who can not afford to buy smart TVs. This is one of the best products launched by Google. Roku has also launched its steaming stick but its price is 50 pounds and people are taking more interest in Google’s chromecast streaming stick due to its extra features and low price.

Google Chromecast streaming stick
Touch Screen Watch by Google
Google has also invented a touch screen watch, which can easily be controlled by  voice too. Google is leaving behind apple in the race of wrist computers. You don’t need to type sms in this watch, just speak what you want to say, this watch will convert your voice into words automatically. This smart watch also have software which will monitor your health’s statistics .

Google will soon introduce this watch in market.  According to media reports Google want to make a separate store to sell its wearable products.  Google has already introduced an application for translating the hand written content in more then 13 languages. Google has bring technology revolution not in the world of internet but also in consumers products. Don’t worry soon all these Google products will be available in Asia too. Keep visiting your favorite website for latest technology news updates from around the world. You can read the both news in Urdu too on this page.

google's touch screen watch

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