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Google Removed Anti Islam Film

thanks google
At last American court of law ordered google to remove anti Islam movie from its website. American federal court issued this order on the request of American Actress Sindli who said in her appeal that she was cheated by film director and now her life had been in danger. Court rejected the google’s point of view that removing movie from its you tube website is against right of expression and existing American laws.Two  out three judges took this decision against you tube.
American actress had also filled suit against google under the copy right act but she could not convince court in that case. Administration of you tube refused to remove this movie from its website. You tube also refused to take the pressure of government. Government of America was also under pressure due to this issue.  Innocence of Muslims is an Anti Islam movie due to which Muslims of the world was under shock. They protested against the movie all over the world.  Many Muslim lost their lives in the protests against this black movie. Only in Pakistan more than twenty people lost their their lives in different protests  against this movie.
Government of Pakistan also banned you tube in Pakistan.  American ambassador in Libya lost his life due to this movie.  Sindli said ” i was not informed that it was an anti Islam movie “. She was very happy on the decision of the court. You tube is a video sharing site and along with entertainment it is also a big source of scientific knowledge and learning. Pakistani students welcomed the decision of American Federal court and showed hope that now government of Pakistan will remove ban from you tube. Muslims all over the world are very happy on this decision of the court as  they love Holy Prophet (PBUH) more than their lives.

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