Graphic Designing Courses, Definition, Jobs, Career, Scope, Tips & Required Skills

Career & Scope of Graphic Designing, Introduction, Jobs, Degrees,  Subjects, Super Tips, Required Abilities  

We can describe the Graphic Designing as an art of visual communication that combines images, words and ideas to convey knowledge to audience through special effects. Graphic Designing is one of the most emerging field not only in Pakistan but also in the whole world. You can become a professional graphic designer just by getting a diploma in this field. But we will recommend you to get a Bachelor level degree {Bachelor of Design (BD or B.Des)} for opening more doors of job opportunities for you.

Graphic Designing Courses, Definition, Jobs, Career, Scope, Tips & Required Skills

Graphic Designing Courses, Definition, Jobs, Career, Scope, Tips & Required Skills

Graphic Designing {Bachelor of Design (BD or B.Des)}  Core Topics/Syllabus/Curriculum and Subjects 
Following core topics are taught in Bachelor of Design (BD or B.Des).
Basic Colors & Drawing Concepts
Corel Draw
Basic Design
History of Arts
Photo Scape & Related Software
Vector & Bitmap Concepts
Camtesia Photo Studio
Macromedia Flash
Adobe Photoshop
Urdu Typing & Designing
Project Designing with Analysis
Logo Designing
Designing of posters, buntings, road banners, payment receipt, x-banners, mope, wobbler, brochure, letter head, visiting card, envelope, magazine ad, billboard and streamer banners.

Graphic Designing – Jobs, Career & Scope
Government can eliminate the unemployment by promoting web development and graphic designing in the country. I have never seen any unemployed graphic designer. There is a great scope of graphic designers all over the world. You may also become a freelancer by learning the art of graphic designing. As a freelancer you can earn money online through Elance, Upwork, Fiverr and many other similar sites while staying at home.

Bachelor of design can work in the field of architecture, ceramics, fashion, industry, interior decoration, leather works, jewelry, knitwear, multimedia designs, textile industry, website development, social media, video games and graphic designing. You may also do specialization in any of the above mentioned areas in your Bachelor and Master level degree.

Graphic Design – Job Types
Here below we have given expected job types for you.
Fashion Designer
Graphic Designer
Creative Designer
CAD Designer
Chief Graphic Designer
Textile Consultant
Web Designer
Ceramics Designer
Logo Designer
Professional Designer for All Kinds of Ads
Web Developer
Interior Designer
Islamic Artist
Multimedia Designer
Knitwear Designer
Video Games Developer
Leather Works Designer
Social Media Expert
Self Employed
Furniture Designer

Graphic Designing – Employment Areas
You can get job easily in following areas after getting a professional diploma or degree.
Textile Industry
Advertising Agencies
News Papers
TV Channels
Software Houses
Interior Designing Companies
Freelancing Websites
Foot Ware Industry
Vocational Colleges
Computer Colleges
Print Media
Ceramics Designers
Advertising Agency
Fashion Industry
Printing Industry
Furniture Industry
Logo Designing Companies
Interior Designing Firms
Islamic Firms

Graphic Designing – Tips & Required Skills
Here below we have given 12 super tips for students of graphic design.
1-Practice is the key to success in this field.
2-You must have creative and imaginative mind.
3-Try to think out of the box.
4-Observe all the details of popular graphic designs of your field very minutely.
5-Stay in touch with the latest research in the field of design.
6-Attend the refresher courses.
7-Get specialization in one area and work in that field only.
8-Try to improve your computing skills.
9-Trust on your own creativity and never become a copy cat. You are just allowed to get ideas from designs of other professionals of your field.
10-Take your profession as your passion and hobby, its one and only super tip for you.
11-Study the masterpieces of your field very minutely try to discover the cause of their popularity.
12-Always remain in winning state of mind during your work.

Graphic Designing – Degrees
BFA, B.ARCH, BSc Art & Design, Bachelor of Design (BD or B.Des), BE Architecture & Planning, BCS, BS City & Regional Planning, BS Communication Design, BS Design, BS Fashion Design, BS Fashion Marketing & Merchandising, BA (Hons) Fine Arts, BS Interior Architecture, BS Islamic Art & Architecture and BS Jewelry are some most recommended degrees for you. If you have one to two years practical experience then contact sdc for getting diploma on the basis of your prior learning. Last but not least stay in touch with, its sister site and FB pages of both these sites for further guidance. We always welcome your queries.

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