Guidance About USMLE Test (United States Medical Licensing Examination)

Guide To The USMLE Test  (United States Medical Licensing Examination)

Readers should be aware of this information that USMLE is the United States Medical Licensing Examination Test. The main purpose of this USMLE test is to let professionals and doctors as well as physicians of medicine and science background to have their practise in USA.

Step 1 in USMLE Test
In step 1, you will appear and sit for the assessment level that will score you on your concepts linked with background of science. Candidates will have 350 multiple choice test items and these items will be divided in seven 60-minute blocks.

Step 2 Clinical Knowledge Exam in USMLE Test
This step 2 will score you on your medical knowledge, your understanding of clinical science. This step will have 370 multiple-choice test items and these items have divided in eight 60-minute blocks.

Guidance About USMLE Test  (United States Medical Licensing Examination)

Guidance About USMLE Test  (United States Medical Licensing Examination)

Step 2 Clinical Skills Exam in USMLE Test
This sub part will have 11-12 encounters with some standardized patients (SP). Candidates will get 15 minutes to have their question answer session from SP. 10 minutes will be handed over to candidates so that they know more about physical findings and diagnostic impressions of their standardized patients.

Step 3 in USMLE Test
This last step will give you score and marking that whether you can successful apply your medical knowledge. You will have 480 multiple-choice test items and these items will be divided in blocks of 35 to 50 items.

Passing Score
There is a minimum passing score for each and every step in this test. This testing change and revise their performance standards. There is no predetermined percentage regarding being passed or getting fail in this exam.

Important Time line Details About USMLE Test
Step 1 is taken right at the end of 2nd year of medical school. Then you become eligible to appear for step 2 during the 4th year of medical school. Step 3 is taken when a candidate will complete his 1 year of residency training. It is one the throughout year basis that you can sit and attempt step 1 and step 2 stages. If you fail in step 1 or you get fail in step 2 and you want to give a retake then you have to reapply by giving a new application as well as fees. To reapply in step 3, you cannot apply before 60 days once you have given your last attempt.

USMLE Fees Structure And Details
This United State Medical Licensure Examination USMLE has stated estimated fees and registration processing fees to make an appearance in this test. For step 1, you will pay around 470 dollars and for step 2 clinical knowledge part, you will pay 470 dollars. For step 2 clinical skills stage, candidates will be 1005 dollars and for last stage which is step 3, fees is 655 dollars. These are not fixed registration and processing fees. Variation do occur in them.
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