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Hajj Application Form 2024, Instructions In Urdu

Hajj 2024 Application Form in Pakistan For Private & Regular Schemes

This year 179210 Pakistanis will perform hajj. Tour operators will be given 50% quota. Hajj expenditures from Karachi, Quetta and Sukkur (South Region) will be 1165000 and from all other cities 1175000 Hajj applications will be received now online too. Draw will be conducted computerized. Exact expenditure on Hajj through government scheme will be announced soon. First come first serve scheme has been abolished and now lucky draw will be held. This years expenditure will be between 1165000 to 1175000 rupees.


HBL, NBP, MCB, ABL, ZTBL, FWBL, JS Bank, Faysal Bank, Habib Metropolitan Bank, Bank Al-Falah, Sindh Bank, Askari Commercial Bank and First women bank Limited have provided Hajj application forms at all their branches Hajj application forms are available on first come first serve basis.While getting the form make it sure that bank officer has written the date and time of issuance of application form. Applications can also be submitted in all  branches of above mentioned banks.  If the Haj application from will be upload on net by Ministry of Religious affairs, we shall certainly upload it on this page. Applicants are advised to submit their application forms before the end of Ministry of Religious Affair’s quota.



Eligibility Criteria

Those persons who have performed Hajj during the last five years are not eligible to apply for Hajj in 2024 except they are Mehram or going to perform Haj Badl.
1-Applicants must posses machine readable valid passport.

2- Applicants must have Nadra’s computerized national identity card.

3-Medical certificate issued by any medical officer of Public hospital is also mandatory.

4-Person with any type of infectious disease are not eligible to apply for Hajj.

5-Read the details about application fee below this post .
Application forms are also available at the following banks.

We will also upload the lucky draw result on our website.



Online Forms for the Hajj 2024, 1445 AH:

Online registration for all the Hajj pilgrims to make their journeys easier begins on 0 March, 2024. Is there an app where pilgrims can register their data sitting at home? Yes now online registration facility is available. After completing the online application process, the token amount that you have to be paid amounts to Rs. 50000. On receiving the application, the bank must give you a receipt. If you do not do that, the registration process will not be finished. However, keep in mind that the actual obligations of Hajj can be from 1.1 to 1.2 million. In the case of pilgrims who are unable to apply online, the bank that is authorized to issue form for them will facilitate this from 0 March. 2024.

The candidates for this year’s Hajj will be selected from all the applications by means of lucky draw. This lucky draw will be based on the group. In the event that either group is successful or fails, all the group members will either be successful or fail.



Prerequisites for applying for a job at Hajj:

1-According to Saudi laws, the maximum age for pilgrims has been removed in 2024.

2-The only Pakistani Muslims who are able to apply for this Hajj are those who have the original Nadra Identity Card and the Pakistan valid machine readable passport which is valid till 26-12-2024. Submit your passport that is machine readable, along with the form for the Hajj application, to the manager of the concerned bank. Do not give passports to the Minister directly.

3-All applicants are eligible to apply for the government hajj scheme, provided that they have not performed any hajj under that scheme in the last five years (2018-2023).

4-Women who are of any age must not travel for the hajj without a shar’i mahram. Women over 45 years of age are permitted to go for the HAJJ without an accompanying muharram. However, to do that, they must include themselves in one group of jaffaria jurisprudence (shariah muharram: husband, father, brother, son, grandfather, grandfather, father-in-law, uncle, uncle, nephew, niece, grandson, granddaughter.

5-According to Saudi laws, only people who are completely healthy are eligible for having a hajj.

6-According to the regulations of Saudi Arabia, this year all pilgrims are required to undergo a vaccination / booster dose that has been approved by the Saudi government. If they do not do that, they will not be eligible for the hajj.

7-As per Saudi teachings, the pilgrims must undergo a PCR test 72 hours prior to departing to Hajj.

8-Women who are more than five months pregnant when they go to Hajj are not permitted to go there.

9-Upon submitting this medical certificate, the patient should be given the details of the Corona vaccine. A medical certificate should be issued by a doctor who is from a government or semi-government, military, or a government autonomous institution or corporate hospital doctor. The government must not accept a medical certificate that is verified by a private doctor. Pilgrims who have not completed their medical tests will not be allowed to go on the Hajj if their medical certificate is not in accordance with their health at the time of departure. Moreover, if there is a misrepresentation in the medical certificate, the applicant is responsible for the cost of the medical treatment and the cost of the applicant’s repatriation. And, the applicant may also take disciplinary action against the doctor / institution that issued the medical certificate.

10-If you are disabled, it is necessary that you are accompanied by someone who assists you. It is necessary for the assistant to accompany the disabled person. People with disabilities must enter the number of the assistant in the relevant column on their hajj form. That assistant will accompany them on the hajj journey and assist them in carrying out the rituals.

11-Person whose names have been written on the BD & ECL and who has been banned from traveling by any court, will not be allowed to go on the Hajj 2024.


Click Here To Apply Online For Hajj 2024 From Pakistan


Hajj Application 2024 Details in Urdu

You can read the details about Hajj application form in Urdu below this post. Kindly wait for latest details.



Hajj Application Form 2024, Instructions In Urdu

Online Registration For Govt Hajj Scheme 2023, Price, Last Date, Apply Online





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