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Hajvery University (HU) Lahore & Sheikhupura Admission 2024

Hajvery University (HU) Lahore & Sheikhupura Campuses Announces Admission 2024

Here we will discuss admission 2024 details of Hajvery University (HU). For the information, this Hajvery University (HU), it has its campuses in the city of Lahore and also in Sheikhupura. They have announced their admission 2024 now. You can apply into them. You have to apply online for these admissions. Candidates can visit this site, This is the official site of this Hajvery University (HU). Below are the details that in which degree programs you can apply to this university. They have opened and announced Masters, MPhil and too PhD programs for the students.



Why Hajvery University?

Hajvery University in Lahore and Sheikhupura is a prestigious institution chartered by the provincial Govt of Punjab & it is accredited by HEC, PHEC, PEC & PCP. HU is famous for its vibrant student life. HU offers world-class campus facilities to its students.The university provides a comfortable & secure hostel facility for students who come from outside the cities of Lahore or Sheikhpura. The availability of reliable transport facilities ensures that students can commute to & from the campus without any hassle for making their academic journey a smooth one.


Key Features of HU

1 of the most attractive features of Hajvery University is its free study abroad programs for giving students the opportunity to expand their horizons & gain international exposure. This unique and excited experience not only broadens their knowledge but also enriches their cultural understanding.



Here focus is given on preparing UG students for the professional world. Hajvery University offers 100 % job placement assistance to its graduates. The close academia-industry linkages provide students with practical exposure. It also provide the opportunity to connect with potential employers for ensuring a seamless transition from academia to the professional world.


Facilities in HU Lahore & Sheikhupura

Hajvery University LHR also recognizes the financial challenges that many students face & to support their academic journey, the HU university offers generous scholarships to deserving and brilliant candidates. This commitment to providing financial assistance ensures that no talented student is left behind due to any kind of financial constraints.


Science students can perform practicals in science labs. Computer lovers can get practical training in the HU IT center, Book lovers can spend time in the huge HU library and reference library. Sportsmen can practice in the play ground of the university. In short this university has all the required facilities for students of all tastes and interests.



Degree programs offered by Hajvery University (HU) Lahore & Sheikhupura Admission 2024

If you want to be in their branch of Lahore or want to register in their branch of Sheikhupura, then you can take admission in their Hajvery University (HU) business school. At their business school, they are offering PHD program, MPHIL program and also MBA program. For this MBA program, the duration is 1.5 years or it can be 3.5 years. You can even have admission in their MBA executive program or in their BBA honours program. This is the Hajvery University (HU) business school programs which are currently offered in admission 2024.


Then for their Commerce department, students can admit their selves in their MS program, MPHIL program or in their MCOM program. You can even do MSC in the subject of accounting and finance. BCOM honours program is offered in these admissions as well.


For their fashion designing department, candidates can have admission in MFD or in BFD honours program. For this Hajvery University (HU) textile designing department, candidates can have admission MA programs or in the BA honors program.


The department of Film, Tv and also advertising department is opened by this HU university. This department is offering MSC program and BSC program in this subjected field.


For this university computer science and IT department, they are offering MS, MPHIL, MSC programs in their admission 202.You can do BSCS honors as well.


Moving on with their engineering department of Hajvery University, you can have admission in BE in electrical engineering or BS in electronics. You can have admission 2023 in BS tech honours in the fields of electrical engineering, civil engineering or in telecom engineering.


For social studies department, admission in MA in english for 2 years is opened up. For the pharmacy department, MPHIl program is announced this time year 2024. In their health sciences department, you can do PHIL or DPT in them.

How to apply for Hajvery University (HU) Lahore & Sheikhupura Admission 2024?

You can visit this site and can have your online application form submitted. Their Lahore campus address is: 33 Industrial Area Gulberg III Lahore. Their Sheikhupura branch campus address is: Ghazi Menara main Sargodha road, Sheikhupura.


Final Words

By concluding this post we can say that Hajvery University in Lahore & Sheikhupura is not just an educational institution but a gateway to a promising future. It has top-notch facilities, global opportunities & commitment to student success. In short it stands as a beacon of academic excellence in Pakistan. If more admissions programs process will be started by Hajvery University (HU), we will share those admission details with you. So stay connected. Apply to these admissions which are started by HU.


Hajvery University (HU) Lahore & Sheikhupura Admission 2024

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