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Have You Watched Salman Khan’s “Jai Ho” and “Kick”

Why To Watch Salman Khan’ s Jai Ho and Kick
Yes, i am talking about Salman Khan‘s movies ‘Jai Ho” and “Kick”. When i watched Kick, i thought to write a post on it but then my subconscious mind did not allow me to do so, as our site is an educational website but at present when i am watching ‘Jai Ho”, i could stop my self to write on these two movies as both of these two movies has been written on some positive themes.

I wrote many articles before on adopting some mission in life like ” What should be my aim in life“, “Save Pakistan in 30 days“, Akhuwat pioneer of interest free banking“, MBC System by Bedar Pakistan & Dr Niaz Ahmed Khan etc but very limited number visitors read these articles. But now i think that you people like to read articles about your personal interest and showbiz more then any article on some positive aim. Now i am trying use this strategy. I am fan of Salman Khan because has devoted his life for deserving people and announced that he will not marry now. In fact when a person finds a positive aim in his life he finds every pleasure of life in it.

Have You Watched Salman Khan' s "Jai Ho" and "Kick"

Have You Watched Salman Khan’ s “Jai Ho” and “Kick”?

Watch these two films and read the Haroon Yaha’s books about reality of life. He proved with scientific research that this world is just a illusion. I know again that our students read just their syllabus books but if some one of you has an urge to know about the realty of the world then he must read Haroon Yahya’s books, which are available in Urdu too. Then view both these two movies, you will feel that life without a positive mission is useless.

There must be some difference between animals and human beings and the difference between both of them is the their aim in life. When i was writing this post i thought for a while that an article on showbiz may be harmful for repute of my educational website but now i have decided to publish it as i think that go to hell the reputation of my website but the main aim of it must be conveyed to you in any form and i think like armors movies are not bad in their nature as through good movie we can convey good message to masses. So view these two movies and lead your life with a positive mission.

Have You Watched Salman Khan' s "Jai Ho" and "Kick"

In “Jai Ho” Salman Khan gave a message that every one of us must help three people and ask them to help more three people instead of receiving thanks, this will multiply and million of people will be benefited through this technique and in Kick he left his normal life just for sake of helping the sick kids although his method of helping them was wrong but his mission was right. We have launched the with the same spirit, yes i admit that when you people click ads on our site, we earn revenue with it too, but it is not the primary object of studysolutions,pk as we just want to help you in all fields of life, yes not just in studies, we have many plans and we are hopeful that with the help of Almighty Allah and your prayers insha Allah we will be able to bring some positive change in the society.

Have You Watched Salman Khan' s "Jai Ho" and "Kick"

You students must also lead your life with the mission of helping others, i assure you that you will be helped by Almighty Allah. So review your objectives in life and set some positive goal in life instead of earning huge money because if you set a positive aim in life than you know that it is or believe that Martyr will get more reward in life hereafter than a winner. I will like to end this article with a dialogue of Jai Ho by Salman Khan that one man can make a difference, so try to become that man. No revolution from out side can change your life, so change your inner self and become a useful citizen of society, who want to live for others.   Stay Blessed Always.


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