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HBL Internet Banking Review, Key Points & Security Tips

All About HBL Online BankingĀ 
Internet Banking is becoming very popular in Pakistan. It is the quickest, easiest, safe and free way to access your bank account, view account balance, transfer money and pay your utility bills online. You do not need to visit any branch for performing banking transactions online. You just need to have a computer with internet connection for for accessing your account from anywhere in the world. HBL internet banking service is best in the country.

HBL Internet Banking Review, Key Points & Security Tips

HBL Internet Banking Review, Key Points & Security Tips

Through HBL internet banking you can make all financial transactions online. It also allows you to manage your accounts, credit cards, balances, bill payments, withdrawals, loans and deposits online. You may also send the online request for cheque book, pay order, DD or statement. Buying prepaid mobile cards and stopping the payments of cheques which you have lost is also possible. HBL internet banking also provide you the facility of money transfer from your account to any other HBL or other bank’s account through 1 link network.

Points To Remember About HBL Internet Banking
1-You don not need to install any software like in PC banking.

2-Habib bank Limited provide this service to businesses too.

3-At present bank is providing this service hundred percent free of cost. However standard charges will be received for DD and pay order.

4-Service is available through out the world 24/7.

5-HBL internet banking is 100 % safe and secure due to use of 128-bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption.

6-Never conduct e-banking from a public computer as internet cafe.

7-Great thing about HBL Ibank is that it uses two fold security. You have to provide not only your password but also financial pin which makes your transactions safe and secure. Further more in case of no activity for some seconds, your session is terminated.

8-At present Habib Bank Limited provide you facility of viewing, downloading and printing your account transaction history up to last 60 days only. But you can get previous history on email. If your file size is large then download the record in steps.

9-Now you can even access your account from any country of the world.

10-Credit card holders can also perform the following actions online.
Knowing the balance
Knowing the last transaction of your self and your supplementary card holders
Viewing the record of reward points accumulated
Getting statement
Paying utility bills
Purchasing prepaid cards

11-All HBL customers and credit card holders can avail this service.

12-IHBL customer can transfer maximum transfer funds of 250,000 PKR daily. You can change this limit as per your requirement.

13-You can set the validity period of your financial pin too.

HBL Internet Banking

How To Ensure Security During HBL Internet Banking
1-Never write your password rather memorize it.

2-Change your password often.

3-Make sure that ssword of your different online accounts should be unique.

4-Avoid carrying your user id and password together.

5-Contact your bank immediately after receiving and suspicious email or SMS.

6-Never conduct e-banking from a public computer as internet cafe. In case of emergency use properly sign out from your account and clear the cache.

7-Never share your login details, password and financial pin with any one.

8-Never send your password or any other login details via email or SMS to any one even to your bank.

HBL Internet Banking Helpline

In case of any confusion or issue call on HBL internet banking helpline any time.

UAE-Dial 600 522228


Send your complaints by post at
Complaint Resolution Unit,
Habib Bank Limited
3rd Floor, Honda Defense Building,
67/1 Korangi Road,

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