Home Economics Definition, Jobs, Career, Scope, Subjects, Required Skills

What is Home Economics? Jobs, Scope, Career, Topics, Syllabus, Degrees, Required Abilities 
Definition of Home Economics

Home Economics is a subject related to management of households. Home Economics is the best subject for girls students at all levels. Females must study this subject from intermediate to Master level. This subject equips them with all domestic skills. This subject will help you a lot in the management of economics of home. You will learn many new and demanded skills. Its a professional subject too in many respects. Females can earn money from home through the skills learnt during their study of Home Economics.

Home Economics Definition, Jobs, Career, Scope, Degrees, Subjects, Required Skills

Home Economics Definition, Jobs, Career, Scope, Degrees, Subjects, Required Skills

Subjects, Topics & Syllabus  
Here is the list of common subjects of Home Economics in different courses and classes.
Home economics and education
Art & design
Applied art
Interior designing
Home management
Essentials of economics
Food & nutrition
Meal management and food preservation
Textile designing, stitching and clothing
Money banking and finance
Commercial Art
Clothing & consumer education
Early child care and development
Family and community development
Research methodology
Human resource management
Environmental management
Furniture Designing
Food microbiology
Communication skills
Hotel Management
Small business management

Jobs, Career & Scope
There is a great scope of this subject. Sorry due to wide scope of Home Economics i can not provide you complete list of areas where you can get job. Here is a small list for you.
Arts and Home Economics school teacher
Quality control officer
Interior designer
HR officer
Furniture Designer
Creative editor
Nutritionist/Child and female’s diet adviser
Textile designer
Vocational institutes
Food industry
Creative writer
Fashion designer
Event Organizer
Jobs in boutiques
Child care center
Owner of a small business
Social Mobilizer
Montessori teacher
Master trainer
Program mangers for rural support and early childhood education programs
House Keepers in hotels, hospitals, guest houses and lodges
Home architect/decorator
Community mobilizer
NGO worker
Social welfare and women rights department
Home Economist, Psychologist & Adviser

Most recommended degree for you is BS or BSc (Hons). But due to great competition in this degree only A+ marks holders can get admission in BS or BSc (Hons) programs. If you fail to get admission in our recommended program then opt Home Economics in FA, BA and go MSc after graduation. You may also go for short courses and diplomas in your interested sub field of Home Economics.

Who Should Study Home Economics?
1-If you natural talent in any field of art lie painting, designing, sculpture, calligraphy, cooking, clothing then do study this subject.
2-Those who want to lead a happy married life must opt this subject till the end of their educational career.
3-Those who want avail unlimited job opportunities for them should opt it.
4-Creative minded females (Remember that creativity is most required skill for this subject)
5-Those who can think out of the box.
Visit studysolutions.pk, its sister website and facebook pages of both sites for guidance about different career options. May Almighty help you in your whole life. Ameen. If you like this article then remember us in your prayers.

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