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How Birth Month Affects Personality? Astrology Tips in Urdu & English

Welcome To The World of Astrology-What Does Your Birth Month Tell About Your Personality-Tips in Urdu & English
Do you know that how your birth month is going to effect your personality, here are the interesting astrology related details for you. We have collected the astrological facts for the readers. Below we have mentioned the whole 12 months and you can know that what kind of personality you have! Most of these facts are true and we are sure that people born in any one of these months, they will totally agree with us:

Astrology of January:
Those who are in this month, they prefer to do their work on their own, they do not like to take the help from other people. The person belonging to this birth month, he or she is mostly attached to his parents and that is why he is the apple of eye for his parents.

Astrology of February
The people who are born in this month, they love to make new friends and they love to socialize. These people express their love and emotions in a great way. They are fun loving, they just cannot hide their emotions and any feeling inside themselves.

Astrology of March
These people are quite shy, they keep their emotions and feelings inside their heart and do not express them. Whoever will broke the trust of these people, they will never going to trust back on them.

Astrology of April
If you are always in hurry then that means you are born in the month of April. These people love to seek the attention from the other people.

Astrological Effects of May
The person who is born in this month, he keeps and loves to do future planning. They love sharing their secrets with their friends.

Astrology of June
The person who is actually born in this June month, he comes out as a sensitive person. People love to listen them because they speak in a humble and nice manner.

Astrological Effects of July
The people who birth month is July, they are quite jolly and fun loving people. They just make a few of the friends but they remain loyal and honest to those few number of friends.

Astrology of August
They are quite naughty people, these August birth month people, they have leadership qualities. That is why people love to give them a respect and love to follow them.

Astrological Effects of September
That person will be well organized if he will born in this month. They love cleaning, you can call them extremely well hygienic people.

Astrology of October
If you will be born in this month, then you will come out as a talkative person. These people look towards at their lives with a positive approach.

Astrological Effects of November
People having a birth in this month, they like to keep their secrets within themselves. They love to do every possible thing for their parents.

Astrology of December
These people do not like to take orders, they just hate the way when someone gives them an order.

If you have any facts about these birth months, you can share that with us. Let us know that how much your personality and overall behavior correspond and relate to these facts about astrology. We are waiting for your opinion.

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How Birth Month Affects Personality? Astrology Tips in Urdu & English

How Birth Month Affects Personality? Astrology Tips in Urdu & English