How Daily Horoscope & Stars Affect Us

How Daily & Monthly Horoscope & Stars Affect Our Life 
Reading daily horoscope has become a common practice. Even very educated people read it daily. They believe on it because their practical proves that daily  horoscope is right. But is this really a reality. Can some one see in future. These are very important questions. Why some people feel that horoscope is a reality. We shall discuss the reality of horoscope and its effects on our life.

First of all i want to make it clear categorically that no common man can forecast future. Islam is very clear in this regard. Secondly there are twelve stars and about 6 billion people are living on our earth. Every one belongs to any of these stars. How it is possible that same horoscope will be applicable on millions of people of same star. Its just a money making technique of some evil intelligent people. I have personally noticed that many newspapers and website repeat the same horoscope every weak. Still foolish people read it daily.

Now the question arise we often feel that what we read in our daily horoscope proved true. There are two reasons of it. First coincident, secondly people who have faith on it their subconscious mind creates the same situation for them. Our subconscious mind controls us and he accepts the auto suggestions. When it receive a strong message that today we will remain upset, it acts upon it.

How Daily Horoscope & Stars Affect Us


How Daily Horoscope & Stars Affect Us

People with weak will power become the pray of such situations. They himself destroy their personality and future. You can control your future but can not forecast it. With strong will power, hard work, concentration, good actions and by giving positive self suggestions to your subconscious mind you can change your future. So do not believe on fortunetellers as you have more powers than them but there is a need of self recognition.

If fortune tellers can really forecast future then they must do it for themselves first. Ya, some time we see dreams about future which becomes true. It also a game of subconscious mind. We shall discuss it in detail later on. But not every time our dream proves right.

Only Prophets of Almighty Allah can forecast future and they just only told us about the things which Almighty Allah wanted to inform us. A true Muslim believe on Almighty Allah and his gifted powers. He knows that we are not allowed to believe on such rubbish things. If a person can see the future he can rule the world but they beg few pennies for telling you about your future. How funny is this? And how funny is mental approach of such persons who believe them.

The predictions of Nostradamus are also not clear. His each prediction fits on several incidents. There is no reality even in stars and their effects on our future. Stars are heavenly bodies and creations of Almighty Allah. They are also obeying the laws of nature. General properties are described for each star which are found in everyone. Kindly read the properties of other stars too you will feel that you possess many qualities of other stars too. Its just a drama. A little intelligent person can become a so called astrologist easily if he knows the human psychology. We have given an image of daily horoscope on this page. Read it carefully and decide yourself that are all the predictions are not general which can be fitted on any one.

Even our scientists can not forecast weather exactly then how these illiterate people can see beyond the present. They can not even forecast weather correctly. Try it and then comment. People who believe on superstitions will not agree with me but they are they have become the slaves of others. Their thinking and will power is controlled by others. You will never see a fortune teller satisfied in his life. This is the result of their evil deeds as they are misguiding masses just for the sake of earning little amount of money. So dear students ignore them and their predictions. Believe on Almighty Allah and on its given powers. Every one of you is son of centuries and can get what ever he wants. We shall soon write an article about how to get every thing in life. Stay in touch with us.



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