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How Females can Join Pak Army, Navy & PAF?

How Women/Girls/Females can Join Pak Army, Navy & PAF?
It is true that being a female, you can have tremendous career opportunities in Pakistan army as well as in Pakistan navy and also in Pakistan air force, so which career options are opened for you? We can tell you. For females, these Pakistani defense sectors have opened many golden opportunities for them, so let us explore these career opportunities which are opened for the female citizens of Pakistan. You can join Pak army, PAK and Pak Navy as well, here is list of opportunities for you in armed forces.

Career Options in Pakistan Air Force for Pakistani Women
You can join PAF (Pakistan Air Force) as aeronautical engineers. This is done with the help of CAE course. Once you will complete this CAE course then females can be hired as aeronautical engineers in this Pak air force sector. Right at the PAF academy Risalpur, females will be given 2 years of training as aviation cadet. Then next 2 years will be of your training session as pilot officer. For this career field, all female applicants should have passed their matric and Fsc with 60% marks.
This Pak air force has also opened option to become a general duty pilot for women of Pakistan. It is through the help of GDP course that you can become a general duty pilot. For this field, you will be trained for 4 years. 2 years of training mode will be as aviation cadet and next of the 2 years training mode will be as an officer. For this post of general duty pilot, females should have 60% marks in their matric and FSc education. Both Fsc pre medical and pre engineering applicants can apply.

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How Females can Join Pak Army, Navy & PAF?

Career Options in Pakistan Army for Pakistani Women
You can join Pak army as a female soldier. Post of nursing cadet is opened too for these female citizens of Pakistan. If ou have diploma in nursing or in midwifery then you can be hired as trained nurse in this sector of Pak army. 18 to 28 years is maximum age limit for this post as female trained nurse.
This Pak army welcome female candidates as captains as well. It is all through direct short service commission that females can be posted on post of Captain in Pakistan army sector. If females have done bachelors in civil engineering, architectural engineering or in town planning then this post as captain is opened for them.
As a computer specialist officer as well as a clinical psychologist, these posts that have great and extensive future are opened for females of Pakistan too.

Career Options in Pakistan Navy for Pakistani Women
You can join Pak navy as a lawyer. If you have studied law and if you have been associated with this extensive field of law then you can serve in Pak navy.
Career option as computer programmer is opened for females of Pakistan. If your age is from 20 to 30 years then you can join Pak navy as a computer programmer. Your degree should be in computer science or in information technology, software engineering or in field of computer technology.
Education branch of this Pakistan navy also welcome females of Pakistan so that they can serve here. For these posts, your should not be more than and about 28 years. Your qualification has to be and up to MA or MSc in subjects of psychology, physics or in chemistry, English, Urdu or in Islamic studies. If you want to join Pak army, Navy or PAF then stay connected with us as we shall publish more posts and ads on these topics.