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How To Answer Multiple Choice Questions? MCQs Solving Techniques

How To Solve Multiple Choice Questions Quickly With Maximum Correct Answers? Top 20 MCQs Solving Techniques
Fortunately or unfortunately now a days MCQs (Multiple Choice Questions) have become major part of almost all kinds of exams, tests and entry tests. Majority of students fail in MCQs type test, that’s why we are going to share MCQs solving techniques. These tips will help you a lot in objective type paper comprising largely on MCQs.

Top 20 MCQs Solving Tips & Tricks
1-Trust on your memory and first quick impression about right answer in your mind.

2-Correct answer will match grammatically with the question.

3-Generally longest answer is correct one as its not an easy task for paper setter to develop short answer.

4-Chose the keyword in the question and try to find out the similar wording in the given options.

5-After reading the question first of all think about its answer and then read the given options.

How To Answer Multiple Choice Questions? MCQs Solving Techniques


How To Answer Multiple Choice Questions? MCQs Solving Techniques

6-Listen the voice of your inner self.

7-Never leave any MCQ rather take calculated risk. Guess work too is a option for you.

8-Some times correct answer is hidden in its question or other questions, so read all the questions carefully.

9-Manage your anxiety in the exam, enter in the test center with a winning approach.

10-Never waste time on difficult questions, leave them for the end of the test.

11-Depend more on your reasoning skills than guessing the right answer.

12-Here i am going to share a psychological tip. Read the difficult question carefully and give command to your subconscious mind with full confidence on its ability to find out the correct answer within 10 minutes. Then reply the other MCQs and forget the troubling MCQ, you will be surprised to know that your confidence on the ability of your subconscious mind and Almighty Allah will bring a miracle for you.

13-Conceptual clarity about the basic concepts of the subject is mandatory for good performance in MCQs. So clear all important concepts first during your exam preparation. Never learn by heart any thing without understanding it. In such case you will never be able to select the right answer.

14-Guessing is not an option in case of negative marking, so leave the negative marking questions for protecting your grand total.

15-First of all rule out the maximum wrong answers and then think on the remaining possible options in the peaceful state of mind.

16-None of these and all of these may also be correct option, so never neglect such options completely.

17-Some times paper setter too uses tricks, they give very similar options like if correct answer is 5151, then you might be given options like 1551, 5151, 5115 and 1551. Majority of students make silly mistake in such questions and repent after the exam. So chose the correct answer very carefully.

18-If two given options are very similar then probably the right option will be one of them.

19-Practice MCQs type tests in timed environment for maximum times.

20-Last but not least proper preparation, practice and hard work are real tips for clearing MCQs type test.
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