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How To Apply For Insaf Imdad Program 2020? Online Form, SMS & App

How To Apply Online For Insaf Imdad Package 2020 in Punjab? Download App
Coronavirus has also spread in Punjab and government has imposed lockdown. It is expected that duration of lockdown will be extended. In these serious circumstances poor people are struggling a lot. They can not go outside for earning their bread and butter. That’s why Punjab government has decided to launch Insaf Imdad program 2020. Under this program most deprived people will be given monthly 4000 rupees. This money will be given for at least 4 months.



Now applications have been invited officially for Insaf Imdad Program 2020. Needy people can apply from 1st April, 2020 for Insaf Imdad Package 2020 in the province of Punjab. Just one person from each family can apply for monthly support under this program. This program is the brain child of Chief Minister Punjab Usman Buzdar. He has allocated huge amount of 10 billions rupees for this great initiative. This scheme will support about 2.5 million affected people of lockdown. Poor people of the society can apply till 7th of April 2020. Applications will be receive online. There are following three methods for applying in this CM Punjab Insaf Imdad Program 2020;



Three Method For Applying in Punjab Insaf Imdad Program 2020

1-Send your particulars via sms at 8070. In the message write Imdad—CNIC—Mobile Number—Full Name and then send it to 8070.


2-You may also apply through insaf Imdad app which is available at Google Play Store. Link is


3-Last but not least you can apply online on the given URL. Online application form for Insaf Imdad Program 2020 has been given at At this portal you will have to write your name in Urdu. Then you will provide your CNIC number and cell number. Before submitting the online form you will click on the provided option. Your CNIC number will be the your application number too.


Who are ineligible for Insaf Imdad Program 2020?
1-Serving and retired employees of government and semi government departments.

2-If your utility bills are above than 10000 rupees monthly.


4-Owner of any vehicle except the owners of bike, rickshaw and ching chi rickshaw.

5-People who are getting benefit from any other welfare scheme.



Support will be provided after verification by Punjab government. Eligible people will receive 4000 rupees monthly through mobile phone companies while staying at home. You will not have to visit any office at the any stage of this Punjab Insaf Imdad Program 2020. Rich people can donate money in Chief Minister Punjab Fund For Corona Control in A/C # 6010204028500013 bank of Punjab branch code BOP-0008. For any more information about Insaf Imdad Package 2020 you can call at 042-9903-0120.


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How To Apply For Insaf Imdad Program 2020? Online Form, SMS & App

How To Apply For Insaf Imdad Program 2020? Online Form, SMS & App