How To Apply For CM Punjab Youth Loan Scheme?

How To Get Interest Free Loan Through CM Punjab Self Employment Loan Scheme? 
Punjab government has launched Youth loan scheme and till now loans of about 16 billion rupees have been disbursed among the most poor class of the society. Its an interest free loan scheme. Interest of mark up is forbidden in Islam. In Islam there is just concept of Qarz e hasna, that’s why CM Punjab has launched self employment scheme. Akhuwat is a non government organization, which has introduced the concept of interest free loans in Pakistan, that’s why Punjab government has collaborated with this NGO for launching CM Punjab interest free loan scheme. During the last four years about 8.5 lac families have got interest free loans through this CM Punjab interest free loan scheme. Provincial government is committed to provide interest free loans to 20 lac families in next three years. Forty billion rupees has been reserved for this purpose.

If you want to get a interest free loan then contact Akhuwat as Dr Amjhad Saqib is running CM Punjab interest free scheme in Punjab. We have given the lists of all branches of Akuwat on this page with contact information. You can get application form and all other necessary details from your nearest branch of Akhuwat. An Akhuwat branch works in about 3 to 4 kilometer radius. In the first stage you can get interest free loan up to 20000 rupees. Later on your credit limit can be increased up to 50000 rupees.

You will just have to pay nominal application fee. No processing fee of any type of mark up will be charged from borrowers. Its an revolutionary loan scheme, not for you, but for poorest class of our society. I hope that you will share these information with the deserving people around you. You people can become donor of Akhuwat as this organization is providing interest free loans through out the country and only in Punjab provincial government has joined hands with it. There is need of launching youth loan scheme in all other provinces of Pakistan.

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How To Apply For CM Punjab Youth Loan Scheme?

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