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How to Apply for DAAD Scholarship 2024 in Germany? A to Z Guide

All About DAAD Scholarship 2024 in Germany-Ultimate Guide
Today we are going to discuss different aspects of Daad scholarship 2024 in Germany for students of developing countries. The DAAD is the abbreviation of Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst. This is known out to be one of the biggest scholarships which has been granted by the Germany. DAAD is one of the biggest funding organizations that is working in Germany for all those international students who are looking forward to study in the international countries. This organization was established in the year 1925 and ever since that time they have offered around two million scholars with the excellent funding service.



Important Requirements for DAAD Scholarship 2024
This scholarship program has been just aiming to provide the international students with a series of funding so they can study in the abroad universities. It is also offering with a monthly stipend to all those students who have at some point of time earned the award to cover all of their expenses at the time of study. Some of the basic requirements of this scholarship are as mentioned below:



How to Apply for DAAD Scholarship 2024 in Germany? A to Z Guide


This scholarship is just awarded to the students who are looking forward for the full-time study in any of the courses with the mandatory attendance in Germany.


All the applicants who have been applying, they should have completed the degree of bachelor during the last 6 years of their education.


They should also be having at least two years of working experience.
On the basis of the degree category, the requirements will be highlighted in the German or English languages.


If you are in a want to make your way to Germany for more than 6 months, then you should be having your last degree to be obtained from the country of residence.



Important Documents Required for DAAD Scholarship 2024
Some of the basic documents which is required to be attached along with the DAAD scholarship 2024 are as mentioned below:
1-Name with nationality
2-Mention the degree course in which you are applying
4-Your academic title
5-Place of birth with date
6-Your country of permanent residence
7-Contact details
8-Secondary school education
9-Higher system of education
10-Degrees to be held
11-Total Duration of specific course for which you are applying for
12-Language based skills


At the time of applying for the scholarship, it is important for you to attach the letter of motivation with it. If you are applying for the Research Grant, then you should also be submitting a detailed proposal report. You also need to submit a complete document of reference by your university teacher.


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Overview on Stipend Amount by DAAD Scholarship 2024
The entire monthly stipends you will be receiving will be able to support the health insurance, living expenses as well as travel expense.

Postgraduate students will be able to receive the monthly stipend of around 850 Euros.


Doctoral degree program students will be getting 1,200 Euros.
Postgraduate as well as Doctoral students will be able to get some insurance or the health coverage.


Postgraduate & Doctoral students will be getting some travel grant.
DAAD scholarship 2024 will be offering the service of free accommodation within university dorms.


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