How To Avoid Cyber Harassment? Helpline & Online Complaint

Super Tips For Avoiding Cyber Harassment-Helpline Number & Online Complaint Form
Cyber harassment has become a serious issue now a days. Innocent females provide their personal information and pictures to strangers on social media and they are blackmailed by the same persons later on. Here are tips for avoiding cyber harassment;

How To Avoid Cyber Harassment? Helpline & Online Complaint

How To Avoid Cyber Harassment? Helpline & Online Complaint

1-Never accept friend request from strangers.
2-Never share your personal information with unknown persons.
3-Use a very strong password on your social media accounts and change it frequently. Avoid sharing your password with anyone.
4-Privacy setting of all social media accounts is very important for you.
5-Never be blackmailed by anyone. Inform your guardians or husband about the situation for contacting the law enforcement agencies.

Punjab Commission for Women Rights has now come forward to protect the females from cyber harassment. A new helpline number has been launched for addressing the complaints of cyber harassment. You may call at 1043 for filling your complaint regarding cyber harassment. FIA will investigate the complaint deeply and after that FIR will be registered. Through the link given below you may file your online complaint directly. Stay connected with us for more legal aid related posts.

Click Here For Filling Your Cyber Harassment Online Complaint

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