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How To Avoid Online and Manual Bank Frauds?

How To Prevent Online and Manual Banking Frauds?
Bank frauds rate is increasing globally. You need to be alert while operating your bank accounts. Some times staff also try to cheat you. National Accountability Bureau (NAB) has issued some instructions which will help you in avoiding bank frauds. First part of this post is related to manual bank frauds while in the second part you can read necessary precautions for preventing online banking frauds.

1- Only cashier is authorized to receive cash from customers so always deposit your cash only at cash counter. No other officer even the manager or operation manager can receive cash in his office our outside the office, so do not handover money to any other person or officer in a bank.

2-Get your cash depositing slip from cashier.

3-One thing is very important that in many banks only one officer sign the receipt while it is mandatory that at least two officers should sign the receipt, so insist on second sign.

4-Only rectangular stamp is acceptable on receipt. No other stamp including personal stamp of any officer or round stamp is not valid.

5- Before leaving the counter check that date on the receipt is correct or not.

6-At the time of depositing cheque do get receipt. Two officers should sign this receipt too. Bank collection stamp should be embossed on it.

7-Check the balance in your account regularly and in case of any complaint inform the branch manager or operation manager. If they do not address your complaint then you can contact banking ombudsman or file complaint in NAB.

8-When ever you get your statement counter check it with your cheque book.

9- If you do not receive cash through ATM card but your balance shows that the amount has been deducted then contact the Manager immediately.

10-Never deposit your money in any unauthorized financial institute.

11-Round and personal stamps of banks are not acceptable for a proof of any transaction.

12-Always keep your cheque book and credit/debit card under lock and key.

13- Never share your password of credit or debit card with any one in any case.

14-Change the password of your debit/credit card frequently.

How To Prevent Online Banking Frauds ?
For avoiding online banking fraud change your password regularly. Do not operate your account from internet cafes. Never use your personal details in password. Do not safe your password in browser. Never send your credit card details to anyone through email. For online shopping always visit reputed websites. Do not forget to log off after e banking. After each transaction through internet banking check your balance. Always use one browser during internet banking. In case of theft or losing the credit/debit card block it immediately. Do not keep the receipts of your online banking transactions. Never share your personal details on any website. Never follow links given in anonymous emails. You can read the details in Urdu about NAB’s instructions for avoiding bank frauds.Stay in touch with us for latest technology alerts and guiding articles.

How To Avoid Online and Manual Bank Frauds?


How To Avoid Online and Manual Bank Frauds?


How To Avoid Online and Manual Banking Frauds?

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