How To Become A Freelance Writer in 5 Minutes?

Learn Basics of Freelance Writing in Just Five Minutes
If you want to earn money online as a freelance writer then read this article carefully, i assure you that after reading this article you will become a freelance writer in just 5 minutes. Freelance writing is one of the easiest and most legitimate method of earning money.

There are basically two kinds of freelance writers, one who can write articles on any specific topic and second all rounders. Any person can write topic on his field of interest. But only all rounders can earn handsome amount of money through freelance writing. You can also become a freelance writer. First you need to make yourself sure that you have ability to write on any topic. Then there is just need of reading two to three articles on a certain topic in start. Collect the key points from those articles and write a new article in your own words.

In online world rewriting is considered a serious crime. But there is hell of difference between rewriting and getting just ideas and information from different articles. If you will give me one article i will provide you as many articles as you will demand from that one article. In start you will have to read three to 4 articles on a subject for writing your own article. But later on when you will develop reading habit, you will be able to write an article after reading just one article as you will be able to add additional information in your article.

How To

How To Become A Freelance Writer in 5 Minutes?

Here again i will like to warn you that never become a copy cat. Google can easily detect a copied article within seconds. Jut get key points, theme and main ideas and then write your own article. This method is recommended only for beginners. Later on you should develop reading habit. Read articles and books on diverse topics. It will help you a lot in writing a unique and original articles. Your ultimate aim should be to become a creative writer.

During my competitive exam preparation i used to implement the above mentioned trick. I used to read an essay from 2 to 3 books and then used to write the key points of those essays on a paper. Then these key points always helped me a lot in writing my own essay and by the grace of Almighty Allah i stood first in competitive exam. You too can do this.

For testing purpose initially you should send your articles to different websites. If some good website like will publish your articles, it will give boost to your confidence. If you will write article on interesting and unique topics then your grammatical mistakes will also be ignored by the webmasters. Few published articles on some reputed websites will add stars in your profile. Then you will be able to demand money for your new articles. You may sell your articles to many content provider websites. You may also get projects from Fiverr Elance, Odesk and freelancer. I also recommend freelance writing career to all students as a part time job. Specially students who are going to appear in competitive exams should go for freelance writing. It will polish your creative writing skills, which is a prerequisite of success in any competitive exam.

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