How To Become a Human Rights Activist in Pakistan? Top Ten Tips

Top 10 Tips About Becoming a Human Rights Activist in Pakistan
If you really want to become a human rights activist in Pakistan then this post is just for you. Today we are going to pen top ten tips about becoming a human rights activist. After reading and following these top ten tips you will be able to become an ative member of civil society.

1-Report incidents about Human Rights violations at the right platforms. We have written a following detailed post on this topic;

Where To File Complaint About Human Rights Violation in Pakistan?


2-Share incidents of HR abuses in Pakistan at social media platforms. Sign petitions, educate the people about their fundamental rights and donate money for cause of HR promotion.

3-Try to become member of local and international human rights organizations like amnesty international, human rights watch, HRCP, Sparc etc. Membership of majority of these organizations is free.

Click Here To Join Amnesty International

4-If you really want to become a full time human rights activist then go for LLB degree as a lawyer can do a lot for protection of human rights in the society. Specially its an ideal degree for females.

Human Rights

How To Become a Human Rights Activist in Pakistan? Top Ten Tips

5-You may also report human rights abuses in newspapers through letters to editor. You may also educate the masses about their human rights by writing blogs and making vlogs.

6-Females should go for Masters or BS in Gender Studies and Women’s Studies for having complete information about women rights.

7-If you want to serve in any NGO then go for MA Sociology or MA Social Work. These 2 degrees and MSc Gender Studies will help you in finding a job in any NGO.

8-Help the people by sharing the information about filling the complaints against different government departments of Pakistan. You may get the helpline numbers of govt departments through our following post.

How To Register Complaint Against Govt Departments in Pakistan-Helpline Numbers

9-Stand against human rights abuses and try your level best to bring human rights abusers to justice. Learn problem solving techniques. Get educated on issues about women rights, child rights and human rights. You may work both a volunteer and career activist. For becoming a career activist first try to get some internship or work as volunteer.

10-Develop a support network around you by launching or joining a non government organization (NGO) for promotion of human rights. Try to be social and support the leaders who have clear vision about human rights.

Last but not least never take funding from doubtful sources which may use you for their hidden missions. Career in human rights field will give you job satisfaction and urge to work hard. Try to revise your definition of human rights as i think that social/public service is also a part of human rights. I think that mother Teresa and Abdul Sattar Edhi were also great human rights activists. So just by helping others through any mean you may  become a human rights activist.

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