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Javeed Chaudhary is renowned columnist of Pakistan. He wrote a column in daily express about how to become a successful journalist on 08-04-14. Here at this page we are presenting the summary of his column in English along with some additional general tips for those students who want to join journalism profession.  If you are a student of journalism or mass communication and want to become a successful journalist then you must do 5 things before completing your degree. You must add these five things in your daily routine.

First of all develop the habit of reading. You should read biographies autobiographies of prominent leaders and personalities from all walk of life. Read at least 2 news papers daily. You should also read books on fiction, literature, general knowledge and current affairs. Keep a pocket diary all the time with you and whenever you read some important thing write it down in your diary.Whenever you find some spare time,read your self written notes from your diary.This habit will increase your general knowledge and you will excel from your class fellows.

Second thing is, select three journalists, one Urdu, one English and one international journalist. Read all of their articles, analysis, columns, and investigation reports. Even you should also study about their philosophy, lifestyle, writing technique like and dislikes. Then meet them with full confidence and try to join them as assistant.

Third thing is you should select a department of journalism such as editing, reporting or writing and start working in that department during your study period. Work with an working journalist part time as internee. Spend at least 3 to 4 hours daily in his company and assist him in his work free of cost. He will teach you the skill and art of his field. This free service will help you to master the skill needed in practical journalism

Fourth thing is develop public relations. Meet the politicians, government officers, business men and people from all walk of life. Try to understand the procedure and working of all the departments. Try to increase your general knowledge about the system. Gather the basic information about each and every thing around you.

Last but not least don’t take journalism as a profession because only those individuals can succeed in this field who take it as their passion. If you are not consistent, can not follow a strict routine or want to make progress rapidly then journalism is not the right field for you.

Super Tips for students of Journalism and Mass communication
Write letters to editors.
Write an article daily and send it to a local newspaper.
Write articles for websites.
Prepare interesting and creative videos for you tube.
Participate in maximum social events organized by newspapers and NGOs.
Write articles for online newspapers.
Become the member of main libraries of your city.
Internet surfing is also a good source of increasing general knowledge.
Use the your social media accounts for developing your social contacts.
You must start a free News blog on blogger or word press.
Improve your English and translate at least one news or article from Urdu to English and one from English to Urdu daily.
Learn basic computer skills like MS Office, Inpage, Word press etc.
Improve your vocabulary both in English and Urdu.
Participate in speech and quiz competition.
Read  local and foreign monthly and weekly magazines and digests.
Make your profile on job portal of Geo news.
Make a file of all your published articles in newspapers, magazines, and website and include list of your publications in your CV.
You can read the column of Javeed Chaudhary in Urdu below this post. Keep visiting your favorite site for career guidance.


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