How To Become a Successful Lawyer ? Tips For Junior Advocates

Success Tips For Junior Lawyers РLearn How To Become a Successful Lawyer? 
In this article we shall share some super tips for junior lawyers about how to become a successful lawyer. In the start of this post i would like to make it clear that there is no short cut of success in legal profession. If you want to become a successful lawyer then first try to get maximum knowledge about all existing laws. No HEC has introduced 5 years BA-LLb degree in Pakistan. This degree provide you in depth knowledge about different laws. So if you want to join legal field then go for BA-LLb degree after intermediate. Social networking is also very important for becoming a successful lawyer.So try increase your social relations. Spend maximum time in legal libraries collect references about different kinds of cases and write them down in your register.

Super Tips 
Set your short and long term goal in legal field. If you are willing to become a judge or public prosecutor then continue to study side by side your legal practice. If you want to appear in civil judge exam then appear in the exams of public prosecutor too. It will increase your vision and experience and you will be able to judge your preparation level.

Improve your communication skills and confidence level. You must have good argumentative power for becoming a successful lawyer.
Politics and law are very closely related areas. After initial success think about participating in bar and general politics too.

Lawyers are not allowed to advertise about the services they offer in Pakistan. But there are many out of the box solutions for this purpose too.

Join maximum social organizations, societies and clubs. Attend their meetings and functions as an active participant.

Law is avast field and you can not become an all rounder lawyer so chose one field but it does not mean at all that you should not have necessary information of other fields. Get higher education in your specific field like LLM, PGD or Bar-at-Law.

Join most reputed senior lawyer as junior lawyer in the start of your career.


How To Become a Successful Lawyer ? Tips For Junior Advocates

Listen the arguments of at least 2 senior lawyers daily in court.
Never compromise on your reputation.

Always remain in winning state of mind at least when you are in the court.

Train your subconscious mind by auto suggestions that you are the best. You should have no doubt about your strength.

You fee should be reasonable.

Office location is a very important factor for your success.

Never hide the actual position of your client’s case from him. It will pay you in long run.

Always act upon your client’s instructions, except when you feel that your decision is more fruitful for your client.

Proper preparation of case is key to success in legal profession.
Love your profession. Take it as your duty to help others in solving their problems. Money should not be your first priority. This will satisfy your inner self and you will feel pleasure while fighting a case.
If you lack confidence or communication skills is not up to the mark then continue your studies and try to join judiciary or teaching line.
Do not get personal during the trial. Remember that you are not a party in the case.

Get necessary knowledge of computer. Soon E-Justice system will be introduced in Pakistan too.

Respect your seniors and seek help from them in any complex situation. You must also be kind towards your juniors.

It would be better for you to make a firm with your colleagues and class fellows when you start practice independently.

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