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How To Become Morally Strong? Tips For Good Moral Character in English & Urdu

How To Become Morally Strong? Top Ten Super Tips For Great Moral Character in English & Urdu Languages
Being a student you should try to become morally strong. Its not an easy job to have a strong character. You will have to develop your moral character step by step. Its a life long struggle. First of all you divine books can guide you in this regard, but Holy Quran is the best divine book for this purpose as its the newest and last unchanged testament by Almighty Allah. You must read the Holy Quran with translation for understanding its great message. One and only aim of all divine religions is to make us morally strong as divine religions preach that this world is not our final destination. We are here just for few years and eternal life after doomsday will be given to people with good character. Here are some super for you about good moral character.

Top Ten Golden Tips For Having Good Moral Character 

1-Never forget that worldly life is a trial period for human beings. You must not forget this reality in a single moment of your life.

2-Read and follow the instructions about good moral values given in Holy Quran for having a strong moral character. You may not only find the moral characteristics list, but also learn the tips for adopting these moral characteristics by reading the Holy Quran. .

3-Watch Peace TV English or read English books of Javaid Ahmad Ghamidi and Dr Zakir Naik on Islam for understanding the true message of Islam and Almighty Allah.

4-Read books of by Haroon Yahya (Adnan Oktar) for guidance about the reality of life and proof of life after death and existence of a creator. Here is list of his some best selling books.
The Truth of The Life of This World
Before You Regret
Eternity Has Already Begun
Signs of The Last Day
Allah is Known Through Reason
The Learning From Quran

5-Read our  following articles for further guidance;

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6-Daily prayers remember you about your sole aim in life so be regular in your prayers.

7-Read biographies of great people and try to follow their way of life. Biography (Seerat Un Nabi) of Hazrat Muhammad (SAWW) is the best source of inspiration for all human beings.

8-Listen the voice of your inner self very carefully and follow it.

9-Remember that a man is known by the company he keeps, so always make good friends.

10-Daily review your daily routine and behavior with others before going to bed and try to point out your behavioral mistakes for avoiding them in future.

Here below this page we have given some super tips in Urdu language about “How to become morally strong?”. Mr Rasheed Hayat has written this article on “How To Become Morally Strong? Tips For Good Moral Character” for daily express Lahore. Stay connected with and its facebook page for guidance about “How to become morally strong?”. We wish that you may have good moral character. Ameen.

How To Become Morally Strong? Tips For Good Moral Character in English & Urdu

How To Become Morally Strong? Tips For Good Moral Character in English & Urdu